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Student loan; late payment removal, without damaging my cred

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Posted on Wed Jan 29, 2020 8:13 am  

I got the 609 credit repair program from QUADHACKED@GMAIL.COM about 15
months ago. He got rid of 4 out 5 charge offs after 3 rounds of letters. My
credit score went from 578 to 725 and will go up more from now on. Thanks
brother for not only helping me fix my credit and peace of mind but,
educating me on how credit scores work and how to keep it top notch. Your
the man. Best $200 I ever spent. If you need to delete blemishes from your
credit report or increase your credit score , Write the email address i'll
be leaving below, telling him of your credit service needs, you'll be glad
you did so,especially if you've had eviction blemishes and collections
wiped off your report.

Subject: I removed my late payments
Posted on Thu Mar 05, 2020 11:12 pm  

I was referred to by a friend that gave her a glowing recommendation so the bar was already set pretty high. Their team exceeded my expectations with eliminating outstanding student loan debt. Although their work was still in progress when we closed on our home, there was tremendous improvement in my credit score! Our dream home is a reality and for that I am truly grateful
Mary Roma

Subject: funds recovery from scam brokers
Posted on Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:07 am  

INITIALLY, the whole process went well, especially up to the point when I was ready to invest in binary option, no doubts they looked like the real deal, I was completely fooled but Im glad I made a swift recovery from that investment blow, hardest part is how I was done by the same people I just with my investment, thanks to a brilliant recovery pro regalrefunder at gmail dot com for their ability to do what I thought was impossible, I got every dime I put in back and I?m better informed now
Mary Roma

Subject: investment recovery
Posted on Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:08 am  

its all a scam, i traded with Plus500, Ag-market and 2 other different brokers, all of them disappear when i make withdrawal request, They will try to convince you not to withdraw and instead invest more while others will actually allow you withdraw a little amount so they can build your trust and after that they begin to make large requests. i lost a lot to these fraudulent brokers, i was depressed for months until i was recommended to a Binary options trade funds recovery expert Mr Russell Brooks when i met them i didn't believe they could get back my money because i have been scammed a lot already and didn't know what to believe, but my gut feeling told me to give it a try and i did, feel free to contact them via their email address: ? regalrefunder@- /-g- m- a - I l .c / o -m? and they will help you claim back your investment back from your scam broker, i was obligated to recommend them for the good service which they offered to help my issue with my broker

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