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Credit History Request

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Joined: 23 Feb 2009
Taffy's page
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Subject: Credit History Request
Posted on Sat Mar 07, 2009 2:31 pm  

I called LHR INC and wanted to work with them on a settlement and the person that I spoke to told me I had to do this and that and if I did not they would pull a "Permissible Purpose" on my Credit History daily and would make sure that my credit score would keep going down until I paid it. They ran it on 8/22/07 then again on 12/30/08...........Can they keep do this?

I called a Car dealership that I done business with in the past and they said please hold............they come back and said sorry we can't help you on financing due to your credit score. So I checked my Request and found they ran a Credit history on me. All I was asking about was what kind of deals did they have before I drove the 50 miles to see them now it is a hard copy on my report till March 2010. I am so confused.

Can I write to them and the Credit Bureau to have them removed?

Looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.


Joined: 17 Feb 2009
ensurepune's page
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Posted on Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:21 pm  

credit bureau is mere a reporting agency.I won't think that reporting them will help you in any way.but if you are looking for the good alternative then better you should consult with attorney in order to get the best advice. Arrow thanks

Joined: 16 Apr 2009
internet15's page
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Posted on Wed May 06, 2009 12:22 pm  

A credit report is a record of your credit activities. It lists any credit-card accounts or loans you may have, the balances, and how regularly you make your payments. It also shows if any action has been taken against you because of unpaid bills.
* Employers: may check your credit report to see how reliable you are before extending you an offer.
* Landlords: may check your credit report before letting you sign the lease.
* Lender: may check your credit report before offering loans that you would need to pay for a car.
* YOU: may check your credit report for free once a year.
Free Credit Repair|Fast Payday Loans

Joined: 26 Feb 2008
fireyone's page
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Posted on Thu May 07, 2009 10:44 am  

What is permissable purpose? I have not heard of that. You could call the atty general in your state and ask them if what the company is doing is legal. I know they have the right to report an unpaid or deliquent debt. Did they not want to work out a settlement with you? As for a car loan..if they see you have a deliquency, especially if it is recent, they will look at you as high risk. My husband has a single one on his fromalmost 7 years ago (should fall off soon) and we got turned down and went through our own bank instead where they knew the full details of why that mark was on his credit. (mother used his SS number on a credit card).

Joined: 11 May 2009
rachael's page
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Posted on Tue May 12, 2009 11:06 am  

As far as I know under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) creditors have access to your credit report only if they have a "permissible purpose". It actually means valid reasons to inquire on your credit report that are listed under FCRA. But this only comes into play when creditors make inquiries about your credit report before they approve a loan or a new line of credit.

What I understand from your post is that you were trying for a debt settlement with LHR INC. So, there is no reason as to why they made inquiries on your credit report that lowered your score. You should consult the attorney as soon as possible.
Looking forward to a debt-free life.

Subject: Millennium Secured Credit Card
Posted on Tue May 26, 2009 5:59 pm  

There are literally hundreds of credit repair websites and a lot of them try to guarantee success but the reality is most of them are just a waste of money. They use methods of repairing your credit you can do yourself if you simply google credit repair templates. Their process is very lengthy and requires months and even years to get a lot of things removed and sometimes the bad marks can come back as some companies are very persistent, especially if you still owe them money.

The only guaranteed method to repair your credit is to pay off the old bills and get your derogatory balances to $0. "Well that isn't very helpful" is probably what you are saying. Since none of us just have cash laying around to do that there are other things you can do that are guaranteed to increase your FICO score practically overnight and start rebuilding your credit.

It's actually very simple. Sign up for Millennium Secured Credit Card and send them $300. Buy $90 worth of groceries on it and make the payments. Keep the balance under $90. Then sign up for and get a $10,000 unsecured credit card, buy something and make the payments. Do a google search for USA Shopping Club and sign up with them for $12,500 unsecured credit card buy something and make the payments, Eclub USA and get your $3,500 credit card and finally Horizon Gold and get your $500 credit card.

Once all of these companies report to the credit bureaus you are going to see an immediate increase in your FICO score. Guaranteed. Then you can work on getting the bad marks paid off and removed. It's much easier to get them permanently deleted if you don't owe them any more money.

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