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JOINED:  3 November 2010
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Posts by Stacey
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Posted: Thu Nov 4 12:13:07 2010 Does this involve me getting behind on my ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 1:02:38 2010 Good idea, but not all companies look at these or ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:55:27 2010 I struggle with it too. I make a budget for bills ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:42:32 2010 If this letter is sent to a creditor or any party ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:37:43 2010 I don't think all credit repairs are scams. You ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:35:27 2010 there is no specific way to order them to take it ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:25:35 2010 The only way to seize the car is to have it ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:23:10 2010 some places settle, not always though. If you ..
Posted: Wed Nov 3 12:14:56 2010 I have 2 credit cards with Wells Fargo. I have ..

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