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JOINED:  30 October 2009
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Posts by Vurella
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Posted: Tue Nov 3 2:59:03 2009 I do plan on going to Good Will annd places like ..
Posted: Tue Nov 3 2:44:26 2009 I dont think there are many appartments around ..
Posted: Mon Nov 2 12:08:41 2009 I learn from watching what other people do and ..
Posted: Sun Nov 1 5:53:36 2009 I dont plan on getting a credit card. The only ..
Posted: Sun Nov 1 5:43:33 2009 No, I do not have a job rite now. I'm looking. I ..
Posted: Sun Nov 1 12:29:04 2009 I just turned 18 three days ago. I have never had ..
Posted: Fri Oct 30 2:35:59 2009 Hi, I just turned 18 and I live at home still. ..
Posted: Fri Oct 30 2:27:59 2009 I make a list of all of the people that I want to ..

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