will this act as bumpage?

Submitted by ebe on Sat, 07/26/2008 - 01:01

When I request reports through myfico, privacyguard or creditkeepers, does that count as bumpage?

I believe that the CRAs have figured out and taken measures to prevent bumpage

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Ok...maybe this is 'stupidity moment' on my part. I never heard of Bumpage. Can someone explain, please? Thanks.

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Well, a couple of years ago a person could do multiple inquiries via. internet of their CR. If you did it once a day, everyday for several months, the person would begin to see the hard pulls to "bump" off their reports......

This procedure worked for some while at the same time it didn't for others. Why? No one knows for sure. I haven't seen a good answer or explanation yet.

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So you are saying that if you checked your report often enough it could/would eventually change by the items seen as negative falling off? Very interesting if so.

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Hi sdchargers
Bumpage is a process of removing hard inquiries from your credit report. This is common in removing hard inquiries from the Transunion and the equifax reports but not from the Experian report. Since the Transunion and the Equifax reports can accommodate only a few credit inquiries, old inquiries usually replace the new once for both hard and soft inquiries. Now soft inquiries do not lower your credit score, and so people conduct a number of soft inquiries, so that these soft inquiries replace the old hard inquiries and the hard inquiries goes out of your credit report.

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kervinkurtz@gm… (not verified)

Hello, this was the right thing that you have done. I don’t think that you were wrong.
All the best!

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Well I never heard of the bampage thing either but it is pretty interesting.

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so how does one make a soft inquiry happen? Do you think that it is too late to do it, do you think that they have anything in place to avoid the bumping?

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It was listed earlier in this post that CMBV believes that they have taken measures to keep this from happening. Always a little too late. That would have been nice, even if it is a bit shady. I don't believe it is shady cause these daysz you have to fight to keep your own credit report in good standing and these other companies get away with so much. A little fire power on our end would have been a good thing.

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I am with you fireyone... I dont consider it shaddy at all..

It is a real chore and a serious juggling act just to get and keep your credit score in a more favorable state.

Tue, 07/29/2008 - 18:21 Permalink

OIC..I think I get it now. Sounds interesting. So..you say if you have enough 'soft inquiries' you can eventually get all of the 'hard inquiries' removed? Why does it work for 2 CB's and not the other one?

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Probaly one caught it and stopped it. I kind pof think it isn't bad. Not being rude or anything but why shouldn't the good guys have a little defense tactic?

Wed, 07/30/2008 - 12:20 Permalink

As nice as it would be to be able to 'defend' your score a bit the CRAs are a buisness. If they do not provide the companys who use them an accurate picture of your credit and your recent need for additional credit which can indicate financail hardship they wont be in buisness to long

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Hi wanted to say hello to members of this great and helpful site pleased to
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Welcome wooklyha----check out the different sections of the forum. Glad to have you.

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Hope you find the site useful and hope that you will participate with us here, I am sure that if you participate you will find that people are here helpful and most importantly experienced in what they speak on.

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We are such a good site and I hope you stick around and become familiar with us.

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Hopefully she will stick around and participate with us. Are you there wook, I hope that you will considering registering, we have a lot to offer here.

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most new people seem to come for a answer to one question. I think those of us who post daily have more of an (for lack of A better word) obsession with this stuff. Honestly, My husband thinks I am nuts when I ramble on about FCRA, DV etc etc. To him it is as intresting as algerbra but, I see it as a great tool so, here I am

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And I have to say that you are a wonderful asset here, my husband is the same, but he can be on gun sites for ever. Well you know it is like watching paint dry to him, oh well, if they were more like us, they would not be our husbands right. LOL, got a love em, they are just simple men, you understand right? LOL.

You know if you miss one day you miss alot here, there are some people that come here and are really desperate. I know when I came here I was really desperate, I seen no light at the end of the tunnel, today I breath a hell of a lot easier thanks to the advice on this site.

So I for one am glad that you are obsessed!!!! :D :D :D

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I am obsessed and possessed!! :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil: :twisted: :evil:

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I think you hit the nail on the head there GN when you say if you miss on day you miss alot. I had to leave for vaca and when I come back and got back on the forum I had ALOT of reading and catching up to do. I even missed it to be honest. Feels like when you get on here you are talking to old friends...ones that you aren't afraid to tell your secrets and stories to and be judged.

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Yeah it is almost like fireyone chases me around the forum or something.

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Either you or good natured. Gosh you two are soooo much a like. I really enjoy being a part of both your posts.

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You think, well we will have to see what erb has to say about that, LOL. We all have alot in common, debt, debt, and more debt.

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May I join you there? I have enough of my own. Not too much past due but ne debt that I had no choice in. It was either aquire it or live in a :dog pound:.

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I hear some older people say that you never own anything especially your home, if you don't pay your taxes they will come in and sheriff sell you out, do yeah, I guess in a sense you are renting your own home.

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I have heard some older people say this too, it is true though, I think at some point as you get older they need to dump the property taxes. In some states they don't even have the property taxes, they put a bigger sales tax out there and the state and local government makes there many that way.

I say at retirement, no taxes.

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I wonder which is actually better. I think (unless GN throws a reason out here that would change my mind) I would rather have higher sales tax. My taxes here are over $1200 a year. Throw in the borough tax $67, personal taxes for hubby & myself $40 (a year). This all adds up sooo quickly. The borough taxes are that high because we live in an Amish community and they don't pay taxes so it falls back on us to up keep the borough.

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Well, I figure with the sales tax we have a choice to purchase it or not, with taxes on real estate, our homes we don't have a choice, we have to have a roof over our heads. Many states do not have taxes on their property it is all based on sales tax, I think Pennsylvania needs to look at these models and see if they are working for them and how?

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It is not always possible to purchase things based on what will be the sales tax on it. This is because there are certain necessities which we have the purchase even if we need to pay sales tax on these commodities. But one feature of sales tax which differentiates it from property tax as goodnatured said is that in case of sales tax if we do not pay the tax, we will not be able to purchase the product, and so we have a choice. But in case of property tax we need to pay it annually even if we do not stay at the apartment for which we need to pay the tax.

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I agree Gn. Eveyr fall we go through the same stressful dilema. Property tax, fuel, school clothes and the upcoming Holidays. A paycheck only goes so far. I was recently up in Deleware and do you know they have no taxes at all? They are actually a tax free state. I was in a country shop and when an older lady checked me out it was exactly what I owed.
I asked her if she had added tax (not wanting her to be responsible for the extra money) and she told me this. Of course they are a state full of beaches and they use that revenue to keep residents from being taxed.

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crorkz matz (not verified)

dGVBss Enjoyed every bit of your post. Much obliged.

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