credit range for car loan

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Pretty much what im asking is , when you go to get a car loan... what is the range of credit scores that they start to shy away from lending to you?

Below 500 may be the most difficult.

According to FICO the current rate for auto is:
48 month auto loan
Score Rate

  • 720- 850 = 7.179%
  • 690- 719 = 7.983%
  • 660- 689 = 9.478%
  • 620- 659 = 11.019%
  • 590- 619 = 14.443%
  • 500- 589 = 15.111%
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Wel...I have a crdit score of 540 ( something close to that). I desperately needed another car and din't have the money for one. To make a long story short, I now have a car loan through Citifinancial. It is a bit higher %, because of my credit, but, it does show on your credit reort you are making payments, etc. I even got some extra money with my loan. You might want to try them, if you have one in your area.

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Keep making payments on time, your score will definitely rise. Once you improve your score your financial health will bounce back. It has worked for me, so will it for you.

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Citifinancial has been great with me! Even if you have bad credit, financing a vehicle and making payments on it, will help your credit score. If you have one in your area, I would call them up.

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You mean that even with a bad score a car loan is possible from the citifinancial?

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Citifinancial financed a good, used Jeep Cherokee for me, last October!! My credit score with them, at the time was in the mid 500's. It was a 19% reate because of 'low credit'. However....I've been making payments, on time, since then. My % rate has ALREADY went down a bit!! If u have a Citifinancial, in your area, I would look them up.

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It is easier to get a loan on 'collateral' ( like my vehicle), but, it's still something that will help your score. Simple as don't make your payments, they take the car!! But..I figure, you have to 'start somewhere', right??

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23sparky (not verified)

I had a car loan with Citi at 12% due to my credit and six months later I called them and they approved a lower rate of 10%. My monthly payment went down almost $30 a month without increasing the term of the loan. They told me that they would only do that once over the term of a loan. It may be worth a try!

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Hi sparky...I'm glad you posted on this because it bumped this information up. Emmy has some really good information that I never knew and you can't find that so easily on the net. thanks Emmy! I know you haven't posted for a while but I'm thanking you for the information in hopes that you read this. sparky that's good news. your percentage is pretty good. I never thought about getting a loan through a major corporation like that. ours is through toyota but they only deal with auto loans. citi is so versatile. thanks all!

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Great information sparky. Thanks a lot for that :)

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Foxy60 (not verified)

I sold my house to a company called Home Vestors. The way it was sold is that the mortgage is still in my name but I don't pay taxes or the payments. Everything is done thru them and CitiFinancial which the original mortgage is thru. This is hurting me when I try to get credit. I am not paying this mortgage and have sold this house to Home Vestors. Is there any way to get this off my credit report?

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If they are paying the bills then why would it hurt your score? Is there any fault on their part? Try to talk with Home vestors.

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Did they pay off the mortgage or did you? Some body has to pay off the mortgage company? You may want to call the mortgage company and see what is up. There is also a mortgage forum above that have some really good people on it that knows alot about mortgage and all that good stuff, you may want to post your question on there, I am sure that someone would be able to help you there. Hope you find the answers that your are seeking, goodluck.

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720- 850 = 7.179%

690- 719 = 7.983%

660- 689 = 9.478%

620- 659 = 11.019%

590- 619 = 14.443%

500- 589 = 15.111%

Emmy could you send me the source of your information, I am sure there is some more information there that I am interested in reading. You can pm it to me please.

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this would be interesting to know, you are right, there is probably more where that information came from. I will keep an eye on this post.

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Hey Roxy,

Could you give a little more information regarding Home Vestors? I would like to what this is about..

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It's likely affecting her ability to get credit due to his debt to income (DTI) ratio being high. Also just paying your bills on time doesn't gurantee you a good credit score; approximately 30% of your credit score is based on proportion of revolving debt to available balances.

If you can show 12 months of cancelled checks for the mortgage by Home Vestors an underwriter should be able to remove it as a liability on your loan application. Sometimes they'll settle for less, but not usually... an underwriter's first priority is to cover his own ass.

Before I can give you anymore advice/direction, need a bit more info:
How long ago did this Home Vestor's sale take place?
What type of loan are you looking for?
(I could assume an auto loan, but double checking)
Who have you applied for credit with?

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this depends on your credit most dealers check your credit report plus your income and time at present job. if it looks like your secure to handle the debt they gernally will go pretty high, because they have collateral on the loan which what everyone is concerned with these days due to so many people being irresponsible and leaveing cars go back

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Why is time considered here? You said "income and time at present job". Just a question on this. I understand why income is considered but why time?

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Generally lenders go by the rule of two. Two years of: Payment History, Income, Employment, and Residence. However when my fiancée went to get her car, she had only been at her current teaching job for 7 months, she got first tier financing (2.9% fixed APR).

We all know car dealerships will lend money to a monkey if he has a social security number, so long as you are buying a new car.

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hi guest
Can you a bit specific of the car payment you are talking about so that we can help you out in this forum? Is it a car repayment plan that you are no longer afford to pay because both you and your spouse have lost the job? If it is so, you should immediately contact your creditor and inform him about your problem.

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OHH yea,......CAROL is right. It would be the responsible thing to let your creditors know what's going on with you. I'm NOT saying you're NOT responsible, GUEST...I'm just saying that creditors can be more appriciative of that. That sure would be ALOT better than doing nothing. Everyone has financial issues.....that's for sure. I'm sure they will work something out with you. If not, at least you know you tried.

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Also...i wanted to add.....................the way the economy is, it may be difficult to finance a car, even if you have good credit.

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Citi financial is good for your score, give payment ontime it increase your score automatically.

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We usually go through a mortgage advisor, we almost refinanced here about a month ago but did not. I hate the entire process when it comes to pulling credit. I have seen our scored increase quite a bit but still is not up there where it needs to be.

We are still working on it, slowly but surely it is coming up.

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It takes time and sometimes a lot of work to get and keep your credit score at as good level. A lot of people are facing problems with this because of the economy. I also considered refinacing but was told we had a really great rate. So unless they go even lower then I will let it be. My husband and I started out with a pretty messy credit report quite a few years ago. Through time and wise decisions it has since improved to a great score. Anyone can achieve these results, you just have to remember it does take time.

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Tell me about it, I have pretty descent credit, my kids don't they use me as a co signer then that holds up my credit. I think they should teach more about credit in high schools.

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I agree that our kids don't get enough information about credit before they have to go out and live in the big bad world. It should be put in high school curriculum, it could actually fall into math or even home economics, they could plug it in there somewhere.

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Citi financial Auto Loan is good, you just keep making payment on time definitely your credit score improve after some time. another way of improving credit score is secured loan. so when you pay all payment you try for secured car loan.

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