Business Credit Card Information

Submitted by peacockrancher on Sun, 09/07/2008 - 16:33

I have a small business, right now I only want to keep things very small scale and just want to get the appropriate insurance and credit established so that if it is something that I would like to build on later that I have a good foundation started.

I have consulted with the small business administration but even with their business plan help they are still much bigger than I want to take things right now. I just want a small amount of credit, like $2000 for small purchases and enough insurance to cover a few birds.

Has anyone here dealt with a company that has a card that will work with teeny weenie business, cause it seems like when I say small business they start talking numbers that are way out of my range.

I have been consulting with the small business incubator in my area and have established a business plan.

I do keep good records and have not done enough to even file a tax yet, that is how small scale that I plan on keeping it. I work full time and this is just an on the side, hobby type business, in case you have not figured it out, I am starting to raise peacocks, I only have four birds right now, two breeding pairs. I probably won't grow anytime soon. Kind of just experimenting.

Welcome to the forum, I hope you find it helpful. Peacocks, that is different, LOL. They are beautiful birds. Are you looking at this being a long term business or just keeping it at the hobby level. I guess if it were me the first thing you need to do is set your long and short term goals of the business, once you set them then you can figure out what you actually need to do as far as securing financial pots.

The small business administration is full of lots of good information, they will not lead you wrong. I guess you need to break down everything to a smaller scale to make it apply to your business plan. It is a bit confusing when you are first starting out, it can be a little challenging. If it is a hobby it must be something that you enjoy doing, so I would say, just keep your books and continue as you are until you decide what and how far you actually want to take this.

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I am registered with the small business administration and they do keep sending me emails that keep me updated on what is happening and piles of information on starting and maintaining a healthy small business. In fact some of the emails that they sent me is what prompted me to go out on the web and search for some resources, that is how I found this site. I was searching for debt and staying out of it, some of the sites I came across required a bunch of information to register, this one I came in and was reading some of the articles and thought I would put some questions out there and see what I got back. I appreciate your response to my questions.

I have to get over to the insurance side of the house here, I do have some questions to post there also. I don't have a whole lot of time, nor do I like being on the computer a long time, so I will just pop in every now and then, so if you don't hear from me, I have not dissapeared, I am just a busy bee.

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I think that you will find the insurance forum just as helpful as here, they cover all types of insurance questions from home to car to business. Just hit the link at the top to get there.

The small business administration is definately an awesome assett for you, they will definately keep you up to date as you said, probably fill your email up at times.

Hope you stick around here, we don't have many business end questions, we could all learn a little from you .

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I plan to stick around, I have been reading some of the other posts here, may have to go on and comment on a few of the posts. Seems like people really do pour their hearts out to help each other out here, I have no credit at all so some of the posts about building credit or rebuilding credit may be useful to me.

About the small business administration, they are very helpful but I find myself signing up for newsletters and then not having the time to read them half the time. Kind of like the irs website, it is all stuff you should read but it is very boring to read and even harder to absorb after a long day at the office.

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Welcome Birdie, nice to see you have come to join our nest. Stick around and I am sure you will find this a wonderful place to roost or maybe spread your feathers and learn a few things. Just a couple jokes there. My sister has peacocks and tehy are simply beautiful birds. Is there much of a demand for them in your area? I live i the counrty and around here it has been doves that people get into but I find the peacock much more amazing. well anyway stick around and feel free to ask a question or answer one.

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fireyone, you are toooooooo much!!! LOL.

Peacockrancher, I know what you mean about reading all the business end of things or the irs website, it is a really boring read if you are not into it. Sounds like you enjoy the business but maybe not cut out for the book end of it, which is essential. You may want to consider an accountant or a book keeper to handle that part of it, then you can just enjoy your birds. Just a thought.

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Actually a pretty good thought. If there isn't good book keeping it can spell finacial troubles along the way and would sure be one fowl way to mess up a new business. Would you have a family member that may know there way around the book keeping end of it. If not maybe a few classes would help. I would just hate to see you invest alot of time and money only to have it all not add up in the end.

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That is just it, as much as I enjoy the birds, it is a lot of hard work, keeping the pens clean, chopping up the fresh fruit and vegetables for them, collecting all those beautiful feathers. I did start to make somethings out of the feathers, I may put some of it on ebay. Pens, feather arrangements, they are getting to the age that their feathers are so long and full. They lose all the tail feathers by August each year, so it seems a shame to leave them just lay around and get all dirty, so I started to do somethings with them. So they have a few different ways to make the money off them. I am sure that one will not get rich, but a few bucks is a few bucks.

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Are you fasinated with these birds or what? I have never seen such a passion. Are you married? I was just wondering if the birds may be filling some long lost need or a void perhaps? I think it would be simply wonderful if you would make dream catchers. If the feathers are as lovely as you say they would add character to a dream catcher. They really are in large demand these days. Reach in to all those "penned" up desires and use them to make a profit.

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Yes I am married, LOL, and no I do not have any pent up problems, I just enjoy these birds as anyone else enjoys their pets.

I was just looking for a way to make a few bucks off of them since I have them, why not? I may be reaching too far and maybe should just let things ride and see what happens. This year I had a whole lot of eggs and none were fertile, I have to tarp between them so the pairs don't see each other, apparently the males were so busy challenging each other they did not follow through with their obligation to breed. Strange huh.

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Yes definately strange especially considering they are I believe you can make money on these birds but need to find where your opportunities lie. Being unfamiliar with the bird world this is a question I can not answer. I believe you were going down the right path when you considered selling the eggs but only if this isn't a hobby already well played out by others.
Sometimes we get into a business or a money making idea when most of the playing field has already been covered. Your answer will come from researching this business and seeing if there is any room for you to add you feathery friends.

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Well it may end up just being a hobby and that is okay too, I just thought when I ended up with all those eggs what the heck do I do with all the chicks, I know a lady about ten miles from me that sells birds and we have had people stop by and want to buy them also, they want to put new blood in their group.

I don't know where this will lead, I guess I will wait and see if I have fertile eggs next year and then put them in the news paper and see how fast they go. I know the bigger the bird the more that you get out of them. I will have to wait and see what is going on next year at this time.

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When you figure out we will be here for you, in the meantime, you can always jump into the other subjects on here and join in.

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I think you are right goodnatured, staying where I am will work, I don't even know if my eggs will be fertile. I have ventured into crafting with the feathers but will keep my beauties for myself for now. I have some in a vase, they look real nice.

I do appreciate everyone's advice here, I sometimes get a wild thought in my head and go from there. I did however set up a paypal account that I think will do the trick if I decide to venture out into the business end of it. They have some good tools that I can use for this purpose.

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I still think you may have some good ideas in the peacocks thing. I just think you need to go wild on the google site and see where your opportunities lie. I know right now dream catchers are a really big thing. My neice was having some really bad dreams and her mother bought her one and told her the freathers catch all the bad dreams before they could get to her and it really worked, my daughter thinks they are cool and even older people like us, use them to add in to decoration,especially ikf doing an Indian theme. You could make some unique ones and even sell them on e-bay.

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good idea fireyone, you could make alot of things out of the feathers and sell them on ebay.

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If I was you I would start looking into some of these ideas. With the Holiday season around the corner you will find numerous shoppers looking for that "unique" gift. This would fair rather highly on my shopping list for children, grandchildren, neices and nephews. What a wondedrful thoughtful and long lasting gift a dream catcher would make.

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All big financial institutions have business credit cards. BOA, Chase, Citi, Amex (Plum), Advanta and so forth.
As far as I understand everyone can apply to business credit regardless if he/she has actuall business.
APR may vary. Some lenders have better reputation and some worse. Advanta is prone to RJ up to 31% which is insane.
AMEX likes AA (CLD or FR). Citi and Chase sometimes CLD too.
So I would go with BOA or credit union.

Wed, 09/24/2008 - 14:45 Permalink

!002543...I see in a few of your posts that you mention BOA. I am not familiar with a lot of these types of companies and wondered which one that is. I am going to transfer my debt from one card to another here shortly due to teh 0% interest period coming to an end and I was looking into differeent cards as options. Which one do you think is the best?

Wed, 09/24/2008 - 16:41 Permalink

BOA or BOFA stands for Bank of America.
I am pretty much happy with this institute and they love balance trancefer. They bunch of 0% for 12 months BT credit cards.
The only thing you need to negogiate is a BT fee. Usually it is 3% uncapped. I could get it capped at $99.
Chase usually have 0% BT cards but IME BOA is more generous with crdit limits.
Good luck.

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Okay now the name rings in. My debt is condisrably high 5700..that would be a pretty bif fee for balance transfer...over 1500....I do not think I will even have the debt much longer after I transfer. My auto settlemnet should fall on or a little over my zero interest running out. I do not want to pay that much for a balance transfer if I am not going to have it long.
How are Chase with credit limits and do you know what a onthly payment would run? I may just go the bank route. I am kinda holding out just in case.

Wed, 09/24/2008 - 23:18 Permalink

Hi Fireyone
I think that you can choose those balance transfer credit cards which has not only zero APR, but also offer a minimum balance transfer fee. You can go for Disney Rewards Card from Chase and Discover more cards, which charges a maximum of $75 for each balance transfer. However, Citibank cards, HSBC cards and AT&T credit cards have a balance transfer fee of 3% for each transfer. Most of these cards offer a introductory balance transfer zero APR for a period of 12 months.

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BT offers and BT fees vary . Those offers are individual and depend on applicant's credit history and FICO score.

Fri, 09/26/2008 - 13:43 Permalink

I believe that you are right 1002543, each one is handled as an individual case by case basis.

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Justin, $75 isn't too bad. We are going down to the bank this week and seing how much it will cost us to transfer this debt to a loan and what are options are. We aren't going to apply but I just want to see how this option will work before deciding which route to take. I am still hoping to have it paid before it comes due.
If we got the card(and used) in Dec. 2007 the zero percent interest would end in November right? So the interest wouldn't be added until Dec?

Sun, 09/28/2008 - 16:18 Permalink

Have you been paying on this account while it has been no intrest? The more you pay on it now the less you will have to borrow to pay it off.

Sat, 11/08/2008 - 16:38 Permalink

Yes faithfully every month. We got it paid off through the bank. Great interest rate and only a $35 fee. The interest wasn't due to go on until the end of January. Hubby read the wrong date on the statement but oh well at least I don't have to worry now. The monthly payment is pretty good too.

Sat, 11/08/2008 - 20:09 Permalink

that is cool, so you did establish a little bit of payment history with it anyway right?

Sun, 11/09/2008 - 16:21 Permalink

Oh yeah. We didn't close the card either. We actually put a small purchase on it and paid one quarter of the amount we charged when we sent in the payment last week. I want to keep that card open because if you get into a bind and something in the house breaks like a water heater you can get it there. We don't carry credit cards on us anymore either. It is too easy to say "I got to have that". By leaving them at home it gives you a chance to sleep on the purchase you are considering. Sometimes it doesn;t seem like such a must have in the morning.

Sun, 11/09/2008 - 23:00 Permalink

Smart keeping it I think, is there an annual fee on it? Or an inactivity fee, you may want to check that out and make sure that their isn't.

Tue, 11/11/2008 - 02:51 Permalink

No there is no inactivity fee or annual fee. I have already told my husband that I do not want anything put on that card unless it is an absolute necessity. Wht get rid of the debt only to rebuild it once again. I am not a fan of having the credit card at all but as I home owner I can see the advantages to keeping it just in case. Always better to be on the safe side. I would hate to cancel it have something happen that is beyond my income at the time and then take the chance of having them not reopen the account after we requested to have it closed. You know better safe than sorry.

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It is not bad to have one if you have the discipline not to use it, they are good to have in case of emergency for a back up plan, but always use them as just that a back up plan, try to put some money away so that you can use the cash instead of the credit should an emergency come up.

Tue, 12/30/2008 - 05:20 Permalink

Yes we have that little system in place here. We try to keep money back for emergencies so we do not have to fall back on a cedit card. It avoids getting into debt and interest fees.

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You can use credit cards during emergencies as the interest rate on credit cards are not too high as compared to pay day loans, but credit cards should be used only till the amount you think you will be able to repay within the due date to avoid interest rates. If you can pay off the money you paid with your credit card within the due date, I don't think that you will fall in a debt trap if you use the credit cards. Moreover, if you use your card regularly and repay it on time, your credit score will also improve.

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