Reaging accounts: Sample letter for account reaging request

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Re: <Your>

Dear Sir/ Madam,

This is to inform you that I have been unable to make payments on time for the past [insert number of months] months due to [insert reason for late payments]. My earlier payments have always been on time. I have been successful in recovering from [insert reason for late payments] and am now capable of paying back the debt.

My account with you has been delinquent for the past [insert number of months] and I am more than willing to repay immediately. I will be paying for the next consecutive three months as proof of my ability to repay my obligation. This is an earnest request to you to consider re-aging my accounts if I fulfill all the eligibility criteria. I would be obliged if you consider my request.

Please get back to me for any further information that I might be able to furnish you with. Thank you for your cooperation.




How horrible!! That's not legal at all! I guess it IS very important to get CR's on a steady basis. That's REALLY messed up!! Has any CA/compnay been 'caught' doing this?

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I hear about it all the time. I read ALOT. I never really was a tv person so I usually have some type pf reading material in my hand when I am not busy. I know it is illegal but that is why you have to keep track of any unpaid debts that have defaulted. The best way to do this is a copy of your report. I just recently got into this whole credit thing and when I heard this I went and pulled my report and copied it. I went back and checked a few months later using a different agency (equifax) and teh date on the last one to fall off (providian) had moved up a few months. Since this one was close to the SOL it worried me a little. I don't know if it was because it was a different report or if they changed the date. I can not go and pull the report that gave the earlier date since I used that free pull already. I haven't heard anything but I am keeping that first copy that shows when the original creditor listed the last payment in Dec. that way I can prove it if I have too.

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I guess it's a great idea to CYA ( Cover Your A@@). I think ya all know what I mean. Seemsl ike you've been doing that quite well, FIREYONE. Good going.

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Got to these days. The collection companies keep getting dirtier even though they put laws in place to stop this.

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You got that right fireyone, if you don't cover your own butt, no one will.

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Yes and no one really cares in the end how it could be hurting you. They try to set up ridiculous repayment schedules that you can not commit to. I remember one company where the original debt was only $300. They sold teh debt a few times and one of the debt collecotrs sent me a letter in the mail wanting me to pay a first oayment of $500 (I would have paid the $300 plus if I could pay this!) and then three consecutive monthly payments for $333 and some odd cents . I could never have afforded this. I did call and tell them (wanting to be rid of the calls and letters) that there was no posssible way for me to pay this. They started screaming at me so I just hung up. There wasn't any woriking with them. I actually think it was a company calles Cash.

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Would that be cach, llc, they are rotten to deal with, they think they can just start screaming and you are going to jump and do what they want.

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Oh boy I had those sorry asses at one are not kidding what a bunch of crap. Rotten doesn't nearly depict them GN..Try really big @ssholes. I can not believe people can scream that loud. I also got really obnoxious letters from them. I wish I would have found my way to this site earlier and relized I hada nice set of balls..I would have sued them and then paid them off wiht their own money...

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I have not heard from them in a long time, how ever the case is still active. I actually think that they know they don't have a case, that is why they are just letting it linger about.

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Still a bunch of crap. I still would think that there has got to be a SOL on the time they have to take this in front of the judge. Seems to me it has been too long already. I think I remember you were going to ask the forum. Did you? If so what was the response? If you did not get one then I would call the atty or courthouse and see if there is one. You could get it dismissed. There is a law out there for the debtor about not threatening legal action unless they intend to persue it isn't there?

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They are not allowed by law to threaten you with legal action if they have not intention of pursuing it. But you never really know if they do intend on doing it or not. How can you tell? I think they get a person in a bind when they make these threats, people panic and react and start paying on the bill starting the statute of limitations all over again.

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They are known to not follow any rules. A lot of these places violate the fair debt collectios act and never get in any trouble for it. People need to start reporting them. I just do not see how it is fair to threaten a lawsuit if they know they can not or really do not have a case. I think you hit the nail on the head GN. I think thats exactly why they do it (payment to restart SOL).

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mike.lee (not verified)

Re-aging sounds like fraud.

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Hi Mike
Reaging is not illegal and there are Federal Government guidelines regarding re-aging of accounts. These guidelines are set up by Federal Financial institution Exam Council which provides recommendations regarding the control over the Financial institutions across US. As per FFIEC guidelines regarding credit card accounts, reaging can take place only if the following conditions are satisfied:
- The debtor must agree to reage the account and he should have the ability to repay the outstanding debt
- The credit account should be at least nine months old and the account is not reaged within the last 12 months.

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Anonymous (not verified)

What is account reaging? Can anybody explain it to me in details please. Will it help to improve my credit score?

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Reaging of your credit account means that the creditor sets your delinquent account into current status. This means that if you are delinquent for four months and you make the creditor agree to re-age your account, the four months late mark will disappear from your credit report and your credit score will improve. But there are Federal guidelines regarding reaging of your account and most creditors generally agree to reage your account. However, if you sign up for a debt management programs, creditors generally agree to reage.

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Mila (not verified)

I missed a few payments on one credit card but now it's down to 0 balance. Is it too late to ask them to reage my account? It will help me out alot. I also have 52 credit inquiries (will go into another forum for that matter).

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Hi Mila,

Can you tell me whether or not you have checked your credit report? If your account is showing zero balance on credit report, you can use your last payment receipt to request the credit bureaus to update the account balance. After that, you need to talk with the creditor that you are willing to pay. In this case, the creditors generally re ages the account. Thus, you can also talk to the creditor about the re aging of your account.

With re aging your any information on the late payments get removed. After you start paying, your payments history will help in the gradual increase of your credit score.

Hope this helps.



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BeeBee (not verified)

Used to have truly horrid credit. The "why" of that is too long a story, but it was so bad that I just quit looking at it for years. Well, finally pulled it again a few years back and found a phone bill on it that wasn't mine. Called the OC, which I had used continuously both before that and after that, thinking they would fix this. Next thing I knew I was getting calls from a CA. Disputed it and got nowhere. Well, it was just a couple of years from the SOL, and I was moving so I blew it off. Couple of years later, I found it had been relisted by a new CA like it was a new account. Disputed with the bureaus and got nowhere yet again. Finally, just last year, I ran across a website like this one, linked to collection law and FTC sites, and filed a complaint with FTC. When I sent the letter with an actual complaint number and threat of a lawsuit to the credit bureau, they could not get it off of there fast enough. I'm glad it's over, but that stupid debt was on my credit for nearly 10 years thanks to shady CA. Pull copies regularly, and keep them as proof against this fraud.

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Hi BeeBee,

It's nice to hear that you could solve your problem. The worst part about wrong listings is that it hurts your credit without any fault of your's :evil:



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Alaye (not verified)

you guys mention re-aging as when the CA attempts to kep you inside the SOL. what happens when this is done. i have an account that i defaulted on around 2004-06 and the CA has my account opened in May 2010

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Hi Alaye,

This is illegal reaging. In reaging the collection agnecy changes the last payment date to a recent one. As a result it seems that the Statute of Limitations on the debt has still not expired. The collection agency is not supposed to do this.



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aabarca (not verified)

Can you re-age an account that has been charged off?

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CreditDiva1 (not verified)

This is in referenece to Laura's comment. There is re-aging done by
collection agencies which is a direct violation of the FCRA. Just for them re-aging accounts, the whole tradeline is supposed to be deleted from your credit reports. There is a lawsuit on the books, where NCO Financial was sued for 1.5 million for re-aging, and because of this record breaking win, the FCRA states that reporting of re-aged accounts must be deleted just for that reason.

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DitTya (not verified)

This is the free government cridet report. You get all 3 cridet bureaus on there once a year.FREE CREDIT REPORT. COM IS A SCAM!Listen to the little message before the commercial ends: Applies with enrollment in Triple Advantage. Look up Triple Advantage it's a scam.

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Anonymous (not verified)

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crorkz (not verified)

BQ5JTz Major thanks for the article. Awesome.

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crorkz matz (not verified)

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