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I had a credit card opened by an exboyfriend at the time we were living togeather. Now that we are broken up, he had the address changed to my new one. To my surprise I opened up a $1700 bill. I will not pay for this. I called the credit card and they said to get a police report and fill something out and send it back. I did all of this. The police and credit card are making me feel like Im lieing. Im so mad. I dont know what to do now. He made him self a signer and paid his bills with it. How do I fix this? What else can I do? Why will they not belive me?

Are you on the card? Can you get the card activity? If you can prove that he did all the purchasing on the card then maybe you can make it soley his responsibility. It would have to have his signature on the purchases right?

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Do not feel bad. This is standart procedure.

Basically, you need to file complain with police and accuse you ex in identity theft and send it to CCC. BTW, it does not matter a bit if police believes you or not they are obligated to accept and investigate your complaint.

Good Luck.

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He put me on the card, but he made all of the purchases. The tricky part is he did a cash with draw for half the amount. They are saying that I could have done that blaming him for the brake up. Im the one who broke it off. Not that it matters at all.

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If you have co-signed the card application then you are also responsible for the debt. But if you are an authorized user of the card but has not cosigned the loan application, then you are not liable to pay back the debt. However, the late payment history and the defaulted payments will also be reflected in your credit report along with your ex-boyfriend's credit report, and will lower your credit score. But as per the new FICO 08 norms, piggybacking would be banned as soon as this new rule comes into force. So if you are only an authorized user, the negative listings will go out of your report.

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I think that Anthony is correct. If you are only an authorized user, you are not liable to pay off the debt and the creditor cannot force you to pay it off. However, if you have cosigned the application, you need to pay it off. But as Goodnatured said, your ex-boyfriend must have signed the slips while he made payments with the credit card, this will act as a proof in case they take you to the court and bring judgment against you to recover the debt from you. Since you have already filed a complaint with the police, all you need to do now is to send a copy of the complaint to the credit card company by certified mail with return receipt.

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Put a fraud notification into your credit report. File a lawsuit against the police for failing to prosecute. Send copies of all documents to the creditor. Also, threaten to sue creditor for attempt at collecting a debt that you do not owe. :wink:

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yes,if you are co-signer you have also a responsible to pay the debt.but if you are not they have have a prove that you are using that credit card but showing your purchase and it must have a signature,this will be the evidences that you are respossible for the payment of your credit card.

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