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has anyone heard about this cashcall?? is it a legitimate company??

BOOBIE (not verified)


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I have heard that CashCall is a finance lending company doing their business in different states of US. They are into marketing and soliciting of consumer loans for First Bank & Trust, which is a state chartered banking association located in Milbank, South Dakota.

As far as their services are concerned, I am not much aware of it. I guess for that, people like Boobie would be able to tell you more.

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Janet (not verified)

Yes, I know to well about Cashcall. The interest rate is high, and you will NEVER pay them off. Also, be aware if your payment is due on the 1st of the month and it's the 2nd they will harass you to DEATH. I wish I paid them off a long time ago.

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had a loan with Cash Call, too!! I just couldn't afford the payments. I tried working something out with them, but..they just din't budge!! God..what a nightmare!! does anyone have any suggestions on any comapnies that help people with deliquent Cash Call loans?? Thanks.

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Are you ready to pay the money? If so then what is the problem with Cash Call? What are they saying? What do they want?


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I have contacted them SEVERAL times, to tell me I'm willing to work something out with resume payments. They tell me, " my account is now in deliquent status" and they need an OUTRAGOUS amount, to 'start the loan over'....nothing less than what they are asking. Very difficult people to deal with.

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Hey sdchargers_63, I had a loan with Cash Call and they willnot work out a plan with you at all. This is how I delt with them, stop paying them, send them a cease contact letter, because I know they call 100 plus times a day. Then they will send you a settlement offer of just about half your loan. If their company follows their scam, your loan was probaly either $2600 or $5000 minus the fee they charge. If you don't want to do that there is a company named Quick Click, they will give you a loan, same type, but much much much more professional. I don't advertise or sponsor them and you are responsible for your own research into that company as well. Good Luck. Remember if Cash Call continues to call you after that letter, they can be used for up to $1000 per violation

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$1000 a call could pay off the collection pretty quick especially at 100 calls a day. This alone to me sounds like harassment. When they send you a settlement offer do you have to have all the money up front. Not too many people these days has that kind of cash just laying around. I can not believe places like this can still do business.

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Fireyone if you accept a settlement offer you will be required to pay the debt in full. Try the cease letter first, from my own experience; they probaly will call again, being they are the original creditor. But the laws says they can not call you either way.

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Under debt settlement plan, you need not pay off the entire debt. All you need to do is to sign up with a debt settlement company and the company negotiates with your creditor and makes them agree to settle for 40 to 50% of the outstanding debt which includes the fees of the debt settlement company. Debt settlement only saves you from being sued by the creditor, but it does not improve your credit score.

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dont do it (not verified)

dont do it there rude ruthless never should anyone do business with cash call they are the loan sharks they should lose there jobs they treat people like crap and make them feel like crap do not get a loan with cash call there awfull dont do it

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Do they at any point work with people to lower there intrest rate or does it always stay the same? Has anyone dealt with them? Does anyone know? Just curious?

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Here is my question. If they are getting ready to sue you and you are not currently with a debt settlement company can you still sign up for one and get themt o negotiate a deal? Or is it once they start the suing process you are out of luck.
I hear some people, and I would probaly try this, negotiate their own settlement. It would eb worth a try and it your time and energy so it would be free.

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But will they negotiate, everything that I have read on them is that they are ruthless, that they will collect one way or another, could be wrong, but everything I read indicates no settlements, no tolerance on lateness, no giving in on there part. I could be wrong but this is what I have heard or read about them.

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True I looked them up after reading this post for some additional info and I pretty much came up with the same thing. I do though imagine with such a high success rate on debt collection that they do accept settlements. I am about fed up with collectors being able to change a debt that was only five hundred into five thousand. I think when this occurs and it goes ion front of the judge that they should look at the original default amount, what the debt was when the OC charges it off, and how much they actually paid for the account. This would help put an end to some of these junk and ruthless collectors.

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Amen but I think the law is on there side for some reason. They get by with so much crap it's not funny. So somethings up.

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ninja nite (not verified)

I had a loan with Cash Call up until a week ago...I called had been with them for 4 years..and still instead of the loan going would go higher day by what I did..I just took out a 3 year loan with my bank...and paid off cash call...but I did tell cash call if they dip their hands into my account anymore..that they would suffer the 100% interest of my lawyer and I..and also..lose all the money they stole from me with the ridiculous interest rates...Cash call can F OFF!!!

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badnews (not verified)

Hi you guys who ever got a loan with cash call, try to get from another one and pay off them, do not wait for a long time to make them rich.
$2525 and pay back over 10,000 ( 298 for 36 months) that is not regulation or any law this interested is higher than a Mob on the black market.
You can get from SOS money or citifinance in order to pay them off.
good luck every one, get rid of them

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donamb (not verified)

Cash Call is nothing more then a loan shark company... I pay every month on time and the balance never goes down... its like making a car pay with out the car to drive... something has to be done about this company... if their is a class action law suite then I want in on it... we need to give them a taste of there own medicine...

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Lori 49 (not verified)

I made a grave mistake of taking a loan with cash call made one payment of 343 now I can't work not getting paid injury not work related they are calling me every hour don't know what to do they don't want to help me

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Lori 49 (not verified)

I live in pa can they sue me for non payment

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Lorenzo (not verified)

Cashcall wants everything up front instead half one week the rest a week later, can't afford to pay them due to other bills. I read they are a scam. Should I pay them knowing they are a rip-off artist or should I break my payments of $198 a month into 2 payments of $99 a month.

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Lateedah (not verified)

I am filing a complaint with the Mass Attorney General office. Western Sky was allowed to operate here, so I figured they would be fine--since Mass is a place where there are interest charge caps of (I believe) 35% APR. At any rate, Western Sky claims to have Indian Reservation exceptions. However, right after my process began, suddenly Cash Call email addresses were used by the parties in the transaction. Then immediately after my Western Sky loan was approved, I received a Notice of Sale or Transfer to Cash Call. This is collusion. It's gotta be some sort of racket, too. I am filing a complaint against both companies. Also, Cash Call has tried several times to trick me into going automatic debit. They even called and said my first payment was "returned." Funny thing was that I was on my cell phone sametime with my banker, who was saying the payment posted. Cash Call rep would not let me conference him in. These are recorded calls. At the end of the day, they make you agree to Arbitration, so they have to do the same. I am not paying them anymore, and when the time comes to meet in a forum, they can ask for the balance of the loan with a statutory interest rate and payments I can afford. I might offer them half of that due to their laonshark practices, collusion with Western Sky and recorded lies (returned payment). I was hastily rushed into this loan, I was not informed of how the initial payments are interest only, and I am a consumer in Massachusetts. I expect better protection when the Commonweath evaluates financial parties that operate here. But I fear that your office might have no real idea just what is going on with Cash Call, and Western Sky behind them.

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Gerry Whitfield (not verified)

Payday loans are prohibited in your state. Plus, Western Sky is an illegal payday loan lender. You only owe the principal amount. Cash Call collects money on behalf of Western Sky.

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dayleyj (not verified)

anyone have suggestions if you live in a state (Virginia) where PDL are legal? Are they still considered a PDL or installment loan? I know VA has restrictions on PDL so I am wondering if Western sky/cash call is subject to those or not?

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crorkz (not verified)

Nxzc8G Im obliged for the article.Much thanks again. Keep writing.

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