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I have about 7 Hospital / ER Doctor bills from 2004 and 2005 they have been turned over to a CA. I am new and pulled my CR and found these on there. Do I send the DV letters to the Hospital or to the CA? Also on my report I have some that the date is SOL. And last the CC lets say my limit is $500.00 and now they show a balance of $1200.00 ( late fees and interest) do I work with the CA with letters (DV) or call the Lender whom I got the card from and try to settle my debt. I really want to get my score up. Please Help

You need to send the debt validation letter to who ever is reporting on your report. You should file disputes with the credit reporting agencies also after you get the results from the debt validation letters and if you are not satisfied with the results.

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I also would send debt validation letters to the collectors before paying anything. Have you tried contacting the hospitols and seeing if you can pay them directly? Most hospitols just hire collections agencies to collect their bills but still hold the right to collect the money directly. If you want to pay these and clear your report then I would start by calling the hospitol.

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thanks so much

Have you seen the letter that was posted by Credit Pro in Ref; to HIPPA

sounded good to me


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Sorry was not signed in but have you read the letter Posted by creditpro Ref HIPPA

No I have not contacted the Hospitals. Should I call them and see if they will work a deal out and if they do are they the one to get it off my CR?


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First send debt validation letters to the collection agency to be sure whether the CA whose name you find listed in your credit report owns your debt or not. Only if the creditor validates your debt properly, go for settlement deals otherwise not. As a proper validation of the debt, the creditor must provide you with details like the proof of the original signed contract between you and the original creditor, and the proof that the OC has sold off the debt to the collection agency.

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Thank you, Will be sending letters today. Will keep everyone in touch with the findings.

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Does a consumer sending a written request after the initial 30 days still have validation rights under the FDCPA??

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Under Section 809 of the FDCP Act if send a debt validation letter within 30 days of receipt of the collection notice, the creditor must cease collection of the debt until and unless he can provide you with proper validation of the debt. However, if you do not ask for debt validation the debt is considered as valid and you are required to pay back the entire outstanding debt to the creditor.

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