how do you contact the CRA when sending a letter?

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how do you contact the CRA when doing a unauthorized inquiry letter?

This type of unauthorized enquiry have bad effect on your credit score.if there is unauthorized enquiry on your report then you can ask the OC about all this issue.if they don respond accordigly .You can post a dispute,make three copies of dispute letter and send it to the three credit bueaus company.then authorities need to respond according to that and let you know about this details.if nothing happens you can sue the company.


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I too would contact the person or company that made the unauthorized inquiry as it does make a difference on your credit score. If you do not recieve an answer you can do as Aby posted and if they do not respond the credit bureaus the marking will be removed.

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Hi Laurenjaiden
You first need to send a letter through certified mail to the inquirer asking them either to remove the hard inquiry from your credit report or prove your authorization. In most cases the creditors remove the hard inquiry from your credit report because they cannot verify your authorization. However, if the creditor neither verifies your authorization nor remove the listing from your report, you can send a dispute letter to the bureaus. You can find sample letters if you visit the link letters of credit.

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