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I sent 2 DV letter to one collection agengcy. I have 2 seperate medical bills from 2 seperate OC 's being handled by one CA. I sent 2 DV letters certified, one for each acct. On one acct, CA sent me fax from OC with printout from computer of charges with amount, dates, personal info, insurance info. On the other the CA sends Statement of Physician services from OC(hospital) with amt due, date of procedure, procedure(ultrasound) and thats it(no personal info) What do I do? are these valid debt validations? i can fax you info so you can see!

it sounds like the CA has just violated your hipaa rights but please do quote me on that a more experienced person will be along soon to give you a better answer

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I think that you should also ask for the proof that the OC has sold off the debt to the collection agency or the OC has authorized the collection agency to collect the debt. Since they has proved the source of the debt, I think that it is a proper debt validation.

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I too have Hospital bills that are on my report. I have sent off the DV letters and am waiting for a reply. But, what I have read on this site it does not seem that they have validated your debt. I believe they are to send back the
1. agreement which authorizes the creditor to collect debt on the alleged debt.
2. The signed agreement from the debtor conforming to pay the creditor.
3. The Documents regarding the payments made on this account validating the amount.
Hope all turns out good for you

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Actually the FDCPA does not clearly mention as what should be a proper debt validation. The creditors only send you the outstanding amount in details including the interest and late fees. Moreover, they should send you details of the actual creditor from whom you have obtained the debt.
However, most consumers do not accept this as a proper validation and want the original signed contract and other documents proving that they owe the debt.

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