FTC vs. freecreditreport.com

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hello all,

has anyone seen the new ads on TV where the Federal Trade Commission is mocking freecreditreport.com's commercials? It's great! I have been a long time hater of freecreditreport.com. I just never understood how they could say it's free when ultimately you are having to pay for something to get it.

Just wanted to share...

Yes, as far as I know, there is a trial period of getting the free credit report and score from Experian after which normal charges applies. However, if you come out of the program within 9 days from the date of your membership, you will not be required to pay any charge.

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That's true carol. But a big chunk of the money that they make is from people who simply forgot to cancel within the allotted time period. Ask your friends and relatives. I'll bet almost everybody knows somebody who has done it before. Whether its freecreditreport.com or one of the many other free credit report offers out there, do you really think that people would subscribe to these websites if they were aware that they could just go to annualcreditreport.com once a year without having to sign up for any kind of services?

You just think that a site called freecreditreport would be solely about getting your free credit reports, not about a credit monitoring service which will eventually cost you money...

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Naomi R. Verbosky (not verified)

It's deception, and crooked.

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