How can I stop hard credit pulls?

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Good afternoon,
I bought a car from a dealership almost 5 years ago and there was an error in the buying process; they wanted me to pay an extra 1000 for their mistake. Well, not only did I not agree with me being responsible for it, but I just didn't have the extra 1000 to pay them at the time. They have since filed a judgment against me, and have pulled my credit over 10 times in the last year and a half. I understand that if I owe an agency money they are entitled to view my credit. However, is there anything I can do to keep them from pulling my credit excessively? What about removing the hard pulls from my report?

Thank you in advance


I think that you should pay off the judgment amount to stop them from pulling your credit report again and again. Unless and until you pay them off, it is very difficult to stop them from pulling your credit report.

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Hi spike, I agree with justin the best bet would just to pay the judgement off and i think they will stop doing this. They can keep pulling it as if you were applying for a loan and keep messing up your credit.

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Hi ,

Here is Justine is right, Because if you not stop them right now they will pulling your credit next & next so you need to stop them paying now. If you not pay yet to them then its very hard to pay.


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Hello spikegrrrl,

If you honestly feel that the car dealership was in error than you might even consider contacting an attorney before paying it off. Most will atleast sit down with you to see if you have a case for free. If you don't feel like going that far and don't have the $1000 do pay right now you could possibly contact the dealership and see if they are willing to make written payment arrangements with you. If they are tell them as part of the agreement you don't want them pulling your credit anymore and make sure they put it in writing.

Best of luck

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Thank you for your responses. So, you are saying they can pull my credit whenever and how ever often they please? Once it has gone to judgement, do I still contact the dealership or would I contact the court instead?

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I don't think it would hurt to see if they still want to settle out of court even if they have filed a judgement against you.

I believe they can pull your credit if it is for the process of trying to obtain a debt. But if you can show that you don't owe that debt then ultimately you might be able to get all of those hard pulls removed from your credit report.

Do you have any kind of proof that they were the ones who made the mistake?

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Hi Spike
The court only issues judgment if the plaintiff files a lawsuit against you and once the judgment is passed the court has no role in collecting the debt. It is upto the creditor to collect it. So you need to contact the creditor if you want to settle and pay off the debt. However, if you do not have the judgment order, you can get a certified copy of the judgment from the court.

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