Can credit card garnish my checking for living expenses?

Submitted by midnitestar007 on Fri, 04/10/2009 - 09:34

2004 I stopped getting my trust fund check. In 2005 it started up only to get 2/3 now only 1/5. I'm 61 and raising my 4 yr. old grandson, I'm not getting any child support his father says he's not even going to file his 2008 income tax because the court has it that any money would go to child support. I've sold what I can and cut down on my medication about 40%. I've paid 14 creditors and I got about 7 more to go, I'm out of money and I'm scared. I can't work because of bad health.

Yes, if you have money in your checking account, the credit card company can bring judgment against you to garnish your wages. I think that you can talk to your attorney and file bankruptcy. Since you do not have any income, you can easily qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy where all your debts will be discharged.

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This is really a nice solution to go for bankruptcy as with such a old age and due to health problems it is not at all advisable for you to join a new company and work and then meet the expenses for the total bills.

Carol has rightly advised you that you need to file a bankruptcy and thus it will be lot easier for you to face the is for very sure you will get out of this if you simply follow what the senior board members advises you.

keep us informed.

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I think it's horrible that the father is thinking that way!! What about HIS child?! Just a 'dead beat' dad, I suppose. I praise you for raising your grandson on your own.....I'm sure it's not easy to do that.

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