is 500 a good credit score

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Is credit score of 500 a good credit score for buying a home?

Not really. You can still get credit in this scoring range but you can expect to pay a very high interest rate. A score of 580-619 is not too bad ...620-679 is an okay score...anything above that puts you in the good catergory. Hope this helps you.

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No, it is not possible to get a home loan with a score of 500 and so you should first repair your credit and then go for a home loan. If you can take your credit score, to 600 and above, you can expect to get a loan but that too with a very high interest rate. A score of 720 and above is considered a good score for getting a home loan. With such a score you can expect to get a loan at attractive rates.

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Do not let the idea of credit repair scare you off. You should try to do some repairs to your credit yourself. There are numerous things that can be done but we would have to know more info.

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You can learn a lot through the process and honestly it makes you keep it cleaned up also, after you see how hard it is to clean it up. There are many of us here who have been through it, it can be done. It is a long process. Goodluck, if you have questions on what to do, post them here and some of us will come on and help you out.

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I have never had to repair my credit so where would be the best place for the poster to start? I would think pulling their report and looking over to see if all the info is correct and then disputing in correct info. What confuses me is the hard and soft inquires. What effects they hold and which are allowed to stay on your report.

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I have a friend that deals with mortages. We've been talking ALOT about the economy, etc. He's been telling me that 'his' company won't even consider a Credit Score of less than 620 to those who want to finance a home. Yea.....I DO agree with the above posts....try and improve your score and THEN try and buy a home.

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Nancy (not verified)

i have a credit score of 612 and i would like to be atleast 700. What exactly can i do to get a good score, or how can i repair it? what steps can i do myself without getting agents to help me?

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In order to improve your credit score, you need to build up your credit history. For this all you need to do is to make regular purchases with your credit card and pay it off within the due date. Moreover, you should not become delinquent on the existing loans and you should not spend more than 30% of your credit card limit. Since your credit score is above 600, you can easily take it to 700 within a year or so.

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Yes, but in addition to the points mentioned by Carol, you should also try to remove the negative items from your credit report like unauthorized hard inquiries and delinquent debts. To remove the hard inquiries you should send letters to the inquires asking them to verify your authorization or remove the inquiry from your report.
Now, if you have a delinquent debt in your credit report, you can send a debt validation letter to the creditors and on getting the debt validated, you can negotiate for a PFD agreement and pay off the debt through a repayment plan so that as soon as you pay off the debt in full, the negative item gets removed from your credit report.

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500 is not a good credit score .Credit score is required when one need to uplift one's credit in order to avail any loan specially the mortgage.

So if you are curious about purchasing a new home then it is required that you should seriously give a consideration for increasing your credit score.

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Oh..yea....good advice from everyone. Also........have you checked your Credit score lately, OP? You may want to check when some of the 'fall off' dates are on your debts. Each time the debts 'fall off' your score does go up a few points.

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SICOFCREDIT (not verified)

I think the time of the Credit Score needs to be expunged from the lives of Americans. There needs to be a more honest way of gaining loans without the anti-constitutional use of Credit in our society. Credit companies like trans-union and the like, need to be put out of business, they are really illegal under the constitution of the united states because they are an institution that invades peoples rights to privacy. I don't know what the answer is, but Credit in its current form needs to be stopped!

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Anonymous (not verified)

I thnk so too, credit scores are draining people that are decent, look how many forclosures there are and people had good scores its a bunch of crap

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XAP CREDIT SOLUTION remains the best credit expertise I have known. I had seven negative things on my credit that were holding me back. One of them is from Capital one another from sears which I paid off and I am not sure of the others but they are both 5 and 7 years old respectively. I filed bankruptcy 7 years ago and settled with all of these. My attention was called that they are still on my reports I recently got referred by my wife to hire XAP CREDIT SOLUTION which I did and he helped me fix my credit and my score improved by a huge leap, removing those negatives from my report including the bankruptcy, late payment was seen as on time payment. After I saw this I marveled thinking it will report otherwise by the credit bureaus but lo and behold the reports have being excellent. I strongly recommend anyone that needs to fix his/her credit to get through with him. He is just the best.
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Kathy Fiona (not verified)

I love the Credit Report Card beta program Mr Hugh Fisherman introduced to me and my husband. The stoplight metaphor is wonderful and easy to understand. Your explanations for positive and negative scores and the little doses of reality are great! I finally understand how the score is determined! I like how you have links to explanations and easy to read articles after each section. Your explanations are clear-cut, user friendly, and even the negative ones are composed constructively so that there was no lingering negativity after reading it, just food for thought and guidelines and pushes toward improvement. I can see that I've been doing the right things in four areas, and the only thing pulling my score down is in the last area. I didn't know that credit scores worked that way, and I don't feel so bad about my bad credit anymore. I know what to work on, which, admittedly, I knew before, but now I know there's something positive on my credit score. Mr Hugh had to access my account and study credit history and cleared an overdraft of $3,400 on my account which a scammer massed up my checking account. join him on Telegram @hughfisherman 984 226 8349

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Kathy Fiona (not verified)

I love the Credit Report Card beta program Mr Hugh Fisherman introduced to me and my husband. The stoplight metaphor is wonderful and easy to understand. Your explanations for positive and negative scores and the little doses of reality are great! I finally understand how the score is determined! I like how you have links to explanations and easy to read articles after each section. Your explanations are clear-cut, user friendly, and even the negative ones are composed constructively so that there was no lingering negativity after reading it, just food for thought and guidelines and pushes toward improvement. I can see that I've been doing the right things in four areas, and the only thing pulling my score down is in the last area. I didn't know that credit scores worked that way, and I don't feel so bad about my bad credit anymore. I know what to work on, which, admittedly, I knew before, but now I know there's something positive on my credit score. Mr Hugh had to access my account and study credit history and cleared an overdraft of $3,400 on my account which a scammer massed up my checking account. join him on Telegram @hughfisherman 984 226 8349

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Hello everyone, I’m Christy Maldonado from Bronx. In the month of June I signed up with XAP Credit Solution for their services, I had a whole lot of negative items on my profile. Majority of the items were student loans with late payments, liens, collection and charge off within 7 days all negatives were removed across all the 3 credit bureaus, late payments now appear as on time payment, charge off was taken off my report including the collection and liens. I now have a score of 800 and my husband whom they also helped out 780. Now we can proudly say we’re living a better life. All thanks to XAP God bless you. Guys do well to contact XAPCREDITSOLUTION@GMAIL.COM and/or +1 (972) 597 9704 for a quick and permanent repair.

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