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I am thinking of looking for a new place to live. I have worked hard to bring up my credit scores and I am concerned that when a new landlord does a credit on me that it will show up as a hard inquiry and may bring my credit scores down. Can you tell me if this time of credit check is a hard inquiry or a soft inquiry or if it isn't considered an inquiry at all since I am not applying for credit.

thank you for any information you can give me

Hi burgundylenz ,

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You have said that you are not applying for credit but you want to get credit inquiry done. Don't you think that this is contradictory statement ?
If you are Planing to shift from your current location to new location then surely it will be a hard inquiry.

I must suggest that you carry all the related documents towards your previous address proof and all the credit related documents. Hence you won't face any problem while going through this hard inquiry. Best Luck For Your Hard Inquiry.

Keep us informed.

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Credit checks are not always done whenever you apply for a new line of credit. It can also be done by a landlord when you apply as a tenant. This is considered a soft inquiry and not a hard inquiry and so it does not affect your credit score.

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Hello Burgandy,

Have you ever recieved your free annual credit reports? One time when moving I just simply provided my new landlord with copies of my credit reports and he was just fine with not having to pay to pull my credit. I do agree with Justin that this kind of credit check would be considerred a soft pull. And even if it is a hard pull, only when you are excessively having your credit checked will it lower your credit score. It's not going to hurt your credit score if your credit is only being checked once or twice a year.

Good luck finding a new place!

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michael Lach (not verified)

Removing inquiries can be a big pain! I have sent lots of letters to the credit bureaus, the collectors, credit card companies, etc. Eventually I just hired a reputable non-profit based on a friends reference. RemoveMyCreditInquiries.ORG was their website. They removed hard inquiries, 30 day lates, 60 day lates and 90 day lates. I am not sure if they do anything else. They charged me only $15 as well.

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