minor applied for credit cards and got them.. now what?

Submitted by katiebelle1969 on Fri, 04/17/2009 - 03:13

my daughter apparently applied for a credit card back when she was 17 at the advice of a friend and was making payments then stopped. I hadn't had the credit talk with her at that time since she was not 18, but she didn't realize you had to be 18.. needless to say the account was closed collections shortly thereafter... is there anything we can do?

Since the account has already been sent to collections, I would suggest that you pull out her credit report first and check the name of the collection agency who now owns her debt. Send them debt validation letters and if you can get the debt validated, come to a pay for deletion agreement and pay off the debt through a repayment plan. If they agree to pay for deletion agreement, get the agreement in writing. You can get sample debt validation letters if you visit the link letters of credit.

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Yes that is rite you will still have to pay of the debt. And it can be marked as payed and deleted. Well put Carol hope this helps

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First pull out your report and check your score. Now, since it is the best time to build up a good credit profile for future, I think that you should pay off the debt and start concentrating on building up a good credit history in order to improve her score. If her score is low, then she can go for a secured credit card and build up a good score.

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