Pay for deletion never worked after paying the CA

Submitted by elierfigueroa on Fri, 05/15/2009 - 15:08

What happenes if a CA agress to delete bad dept on your credit once you pay the balance in full, then after payment is received they turn there back on you???

Sven (not verified)

Depends on the letter you sent them and they sent you.

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Hi elierfigueroa,

Before working out any settlement plan with the collection agency(CA), you should first send them a pay for deletion letter. You can find a sample of a pay for deletion letter if you visit the following link: Letters of Credit. This is a legal agreement with the CA. If they agree to it, they will send it to you in writing that once the payment is made the debt will be removed from your credit report.

You should always retain copies of the pay for deletion letter and the letter that the CA sends to you. Just in case they turn their back and do not remove the negative remarks, after you have paid the settlement amount, you can use the letters as proof to sue the CA, under violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act.

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but i think this question will never arise if you have validated your debt from collection agency and has taken the in written format that they will be deleting the wrong entries once the full outstanding payment is made to them.

let us know the impact of post.

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