How ridiculas can they get

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I'm still working on my credit report. Several months ago I came across an electric bill for $86.00. I have been trying to find where to send payment for this and what a nightmare it has been.
I called the collection department and they say that the electric co took it back. I call the electric co and there is NO record of this bill. I called the the CB and they can tell me nothing.They have no record of it.
I made several calls which is quite frustrating as all I wanted to do was pay.
After throwing things and screaming, I talked to someone at the CB and he again told me there was no record, this was AllianceOne by the way.
I asked him what I should do now since no one seems to have a record of this debt but it is on my CR. He says,,,"I don't have a clue".

I went off at that point. Then I get a guy who I think was in India and couldn't speak very good English. He tells me that my address is not updated and I need to send utility bills, driver license, rent receipts and other items. I hung up on him.
So I finally get a number at customer service and got someone who has half a brain at the electric co. She checks things and tells me she's putting me on hold and not to go away. ?,,, Then I get disconnected. Called her back and she says that everytime she bumps her phone, it disconnects. Welllllll, don't bump you phone.
Get this,,,she tells me that that dept was paid in 2006. She can't explain how it got on my CR or why it is still there. So I ask her to call them and let them know this is a mistake and I want a letter of proof that it was paid. She tells me that it could take 2 months to get it removed.
Why in the world would it take that long?
Should I sent a dispute letter, I've heard that if you do that, they have one month to remove it or prove it is legit. I'm so sick of this nightmare that I just want to scream my head off.
On the dispute form they want a confirmation number or account number which I don't have and can't find a conf. number anywhere on the report.

I've read many times that a person should go through their report with a fine tooth comb, I can't tell you how important this is to do. I have several letters that state the items are paid, but why won't they update on the reports?
I am so frustrated.

Wow this is a nightmare! I would definately send a dispute letter to the credit bureaus. Obviously the will not be ablr to prove the debt to the bureaus and it should get removed. I would also contact your atty generals office and see if there is any help they can give you in this matter.
I know this can be frustrating but hopefully with frequent calls to the electric company and the dispute letter time will get it straightened around. I would try to always use your three free pulls through the credit bureaus to ensure this is removed and to keep an eye on anything else that may not belong there.
My hubby had this similiar nightmare when his mother used his name on an electric account without his knowledge. It will be straightened out. Good Luck

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Hi DebR,

Now that you have tried to contact the collection agency and the credit bureau without success, the best option is to dispute the debt and get it removed from you credit report. Send a dispute letter to the credit bureau through certified mail with a "return receipt requested". You can enclose copies of the letters that show you have already paid the bills. You can find a sample of a dispute letter if you visit the letters of credit section.

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DebR (not verified)

Well, I got one thing updated. Experian sucks.
Took me 3 days. They had something reported that was paid over a year ago. I went to their online dispute location but they get you there. It wouldn't let me put in SS#, only the first 3 numbers, I finally got it by holding down a key. I Disputed and they updated it. I printed out the letter.
Now I'm just waiting for the letter stating the $86 has been paid. There is nothing else I can pay. My bankruptcy is there but nothing I can do about that. The $86 I have realized is the fault of the Electric Co. They put it on, then took it back but didn't notify the Agency that it had been paid. I cannot believe how many items were inaccurate, 5 in all.

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Hi Debr,

It does take a bit of time to correct negative items in your credit report. But it is worth the effort, once your credit scores go up. Here are 4 tips to remove multiple inaccurate listings in the credit report.

1) Mark the items in your credit report that you are disputing.
2) Write dispute letters to the credit reporting agencies (CRA), explaining in details the reasons for your dispute.
3) Attach copies of any papers, such as bills that you have already paid, to prove your point.
4) Send similar letters to each creditor, to whose debts you disagree.

The CRA's will contact your creditors once they begin to investigate. If the creditors are unable to prove the debt the CRA's will remove it from your credit report. Try this out. Good luck to you.

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Why in the world would it take that long?

why in the world credit report agencies are filled with so much of 'work to do' files?

I hope you got your answer!!

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