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Hello Everybody on this forum.

Now i would like to know that,

Which is the first company/bank who started credit card service ?

What is the Visa ?

Can anyone tell me about that.

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Hi Visa vs Mastercard,

The credit card in its modern form was first started by Bank of America in the year 1966. It was then called the Bank Americard and later came to be known as Visa.

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even b4 bank of America the system was there but it was not exactly in the form of card.Barclays had that system that b4 but surely BOA is the leader in the card industry.

Hi visa vs master card, Visa is accepted in more than 170 countries as a principle electronic payment network and is also a pioneer.Dee hock founded the VISA.

Its effort of Bank Of America and Barclays and one more french bank to promote VISA as a brand on international horizon.

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Thanks For reply.

I hope community experts will help me & I am very exited for get answer by community experts.

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Abhas (not verified)

wasnt the concept of credit card introduced by some restaurant? diner's something?

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