What are the easy ways to raise credit score?

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My credit score was recently decreased to 599. How can I raise my credit score to 630 in 3 months? What are the best and easy ways to raise credit score? What is considered a good credit score?

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Well, get a a most recent copy of your credit score and look at what has changed from the lst time you looked at it? see what has changed and work on fixing it. It's very difficult to say how long does it take to raise your credit score. That's why you should follow the above mentioned tips to raise your credit score.

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Credit score repair is a time taking process and so you cannot be certain that you can raise your score to 630 in 3 months, but it is not impossible too. You need to remove negative items from your report first to improve credit score. For this, just pull out your credit report and check whether any negative information has been added recently to your report and try to remove them. You should know how to fix your credit score.

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Hi Guest,

Here are a few tips to raise your credit score:
1)Analyze the items on your credit report that have decreased your score.
2)Be punctual and pay all your bills on time.
3)Do not utilize your total credit limit even if you pay it on time.
4)Try resolving negative items such as medical bills, student loans charge-offs. The best way is to pay them off.
5)Leave your old accounts open to have a longer credit history that helps to improve the scores.
6)Look for any possible errors on your credit report and dispute them and get them removed.

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My credit score is horrible 579 and all 3 agencies have different scores and different information. When I was in college I was pretty careless with paying my bills and now i'm really paying for it. I'm not sure what I can do to help increase my score. I have been paying my bills on time for the past 2-3 yrs but it doesn't seem to have helped much. I don't use much of my available credit either. Most of the negative things on there are from at least 4 yrs ago and even though I paid off all the debt it's stated on my report as charge off and derogatory. Is there anything I can do to improve credit score or do I just have to wait 7 yrs until it is erased? I also noticed there were different account numbers amoung the 3 credit bureaus.

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Hi nkb115

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I agree that you have tried to pay the bills on time since last couple of years.but still i think you should make it clear in your mind that only new line of credit will help you to improve credit score.(make sure you are regular on the payment)

I think this could possibly help you.
keep us informed.

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monique (not verified)

i have paid off alot of negative things on my credit report,but how do i get them removed? who do i contact? What are the easy ways to raise credit score?

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doing a credit pull on your own file does not afecft your score. Filing apps for credit, or allowing others to do credit pulls to see if you can qualify' usually does though To get around that, I usually pull my own credit, and then shop around for preapprovals that way Like if you are trying to buy a new car, pull your own credit FROM ALL 3 BUREAUS be sure to get scores from all 3. then print that out, and take that to the dealer with you. Get them to pre approve you based on that info, and wirte the deal contigient on being able to get financed, based on the scores you got. If your credit pull is more than seven days old they may squawk about it, it all depends on what your score is, what your deal looks like, how much you are offering down, and how badly they need to make the sale.. In the case of a mortgage, I've done this with credit pulls up to 30 days old just realize that if anything changes the deal make fgo south, and you may lose your deposit.

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