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I had several fraudulent charges/debits against my WAMU checking account which I disputed and thought I had them reversed in my favor. Several months after this, WAMU came back and re-reversed my initial credits. The total was about $3000. I had dozens of conversations with customer service reps at Wamu in many different departments with no luck. I could not get a reason in writing as to how they came to their decision and I have had no luck with getting them to change their mind.

I chose to let my checking account go into default (as I did not have the $3000 to pay at the time and I totally disagreed with WAMU on every point) and just a few months ago, this $3000 debt was sent to collection with ER Soultions and has appeared on my credit report.

I was hoping to hear what my best options are to get this off my CR
a) try to sue WAMU in small claims court
b) offer to pay portion of the debt if they remove the info from my CR

anything else I could do that would work?? comments/ideas welcome!


I would try to dispute this listing with the credit bureaus. Also send a certified letter asking for debt validation. The biggest thing you may want to do that could help you is to get in contact with the atty. generals office and report WAMU for these charges and marks on your credit. Another step may be the better business bureau. Now, just in case they would decide to sus you in court you should be keeping any documantation on this. Do you have any records to show the reversed charges originally? If so keep these on hand.

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ER Solutions is another *choice* collection agency...

They are notorious for just this kind of thing... Request the validation, and dispute with the bureaus... (repeat if desired/necessary)

This one -more often than not- comes down to a war of attrition...

If you visit my EXAMPLES page, you'll see a recent example of some success we've had with ER Solutions this year... Look for the link under their name!

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My first question is that do you have the statements from Washington Mutual where you were charged for the fraudulent debt and later credited back into your account? If you have these documents, you can directly dispute with the credit bureaus else you can send a debt validation letter to find out whether you really owe the debt or not. I don't think that they can validate the debt and you can then send a dispute letter to get it removed from your credit report.

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Firstly, they cannot charge you for the debt which you do not owe. You should ask for debt validation letter to see on what ground they are charging you. If you find that they cannot validate the debt properly and still not willing to remove the debt, you can file a complaint against them to the FTC and the state AGs office.

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Are they legally allowed to re-reverse a debt? If it is the original lender or a collection ageny I can not see how they can reverse a debt and then turn around and do the oppostie. If there is proof that they did this then the person should not be held accountable. If they can not prove this debt then how does a person keep it from being resold time and time again? It can become distressing once you prove a debt is not valid and then collection agencies play hot potato with the debt for years and the person has to continually prove this debt is not theirs. How does this get stopped?

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creigh (not verified)

A little reseach and you will find the company has operated beyond the lwas for years. Sending any correspondence to the will be just a waist of your time.
Reports to the credit burueaus by this company will not be reversed,m all side with E R Soolutions.
Presidnet Steve Hunter, along with various fmaily memebers as corporate officers.

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No. A100
Renton WA

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I ca not believe that there is not something that can be done. Maybe you should look into an atty and get this taken care of and in the end they may have to pay atty fees and a fine.

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JoJ (not verified)

I have experienced something similar. But for less money. I told wamu it was not my charge. I signed an affidavit stating so. They gave me temporary credit while they investigate and later reversed the credit. I got upset and went to the branch when I couldnt get anywhere on the phone. They got the investigation opened three times and all for nothing. They simply said they were unable to PROVE IT WAS FRAUD! I was angrier. I told them it was fraud and they cant prove it was my charge because it isnt. But even after signing an affidavit I guess they can still blow me off. It was just under 200.

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upraiser (not verified)

After having the checking acct for 3 months i had deposits and withdrawls that was not mine. I notified the bank and they did not fix issue. Then my address was changed to a place I never lived before. It took 18 letters and 9 trips to branch to get then to correct address. I then canceled acct. Took 2 yrs to cancel. This was in 2001 it now 2009 and still acct has actions on it even though it closed. Since 2004 it has been on my credit. I called police and filed a report in one of their branchs and had officers write on report that i requested it canceled while they were there. they take it off credit report for 2 yrs then re-add it back on.

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Hi upraiser,

What I suggest is, you send a Dispute Letter to the Credit Bureaus. You will find a sample of a dispute letter if you visit the following link: http://www.creditmagic.org/repair/dispute-letter.html . Send the letter through certified mail with a return receipt requested. You can enclose papers that can prove your account was closed.

Wait for 15 days for the credit bureaus response. In case you do not receive a response, or the account still remains in your credit report, you can consider adding a 100 word case-explanation to your credit file.

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hi upraiser

Dispute letter is generally supposed to be send to those people who are willing to negotiate. Here bank is just adding the reports every two years again removing it.From this what we can understand is that they are notorious and thus they need to be sued in the court.

I think this action will be appropriate.

keep us informed.

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