How do I get an unauthorized account closed under my name?

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After disputing an item on my credit report, the item was investigated and deleted from my report. However, the reporting agency is still sending sending me billing statements. I have called numerous times and explained to them that it is not my account, they even acknowledge that the information on the account and the information I give them to verify the account ie: address, ssn, and phone number doesn't match other than my name.
I feel they bullied my husband and I into saying it's our account for fear of legal action.

What legal right do I have to close this account after it has been verified that it was not ours and deleted off our credit report?

hi irma ,

The moment you start proceeding to close the account, it is proved that this is your account.So , I advice you to not bother about closing the account and just ignore to their calls, or else tell them that you will be forced to take legal action against them.

this could be the possible remedy.

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Hi Irma,

the reporting agency is still sending me billing statements

As far as I know, credit reporting agencies(CRA) do not send any billing statements. Bills are always sent by the creditors. In your case, I feel there has been some mistake on the part of the CRAs. It might be that you are receiving the bills of someone who has the same name as yours. Since the address, SSN number and the phone number do not match, you cannot close the account.

I suggest that you consult an attorney. Request the attorney to co-ordinate with the creditor from whom you received the bills, and also the CRA to whom the credit account was reported to. You should regularly review your credit report. If the debt account reappears on your credit report, it will definitely have an adverse affect on your credit score.

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