Multiple RBC Account Write Offs With No Details

Submitted by jeremyjelder on Thu, 06/18/2009 - 00:10

I looked at my TransUnion credit score for the first time yesterday.

Under the category "Accounts In Which The Exact Category Is Not Known" there are 7 RBC accounts.

Their Condition is "Closed Account (Paid)" but under type it says "Open Account."

The account numbers are mostly x-ed out, but each ends in 6001, then 6002, ascending to 6007.

The dates on the account are in pairs:

6001 and 6002 opened 10/01/98 and reported 12/01/2001

6003 and 6004 opened 03/01/99 and reported (same day) at 12/01/2001

6005 and 6006 opened 09/01/99 and reported (again same day) 12/01/2001

6007 opened 09/01/2000 and reported (same day) 12/01/2001

So, I've got 7 accounts, opened at different times but all report on 12/01/2001. I have no idea what these accounts are. When I click on "More About This Account" the fields are all empty.

If the SOL in Ontario (where I live) is 2 years, and even if these are collection accounts (where I understand these should be removed after 6 years) then shouldn't these be gone regardless of what they are?

What are my next steps to a) figure out what these even are and b) dispute them?

Thanks for your time!

Hi jeremyjelder,

Is the name of any collection agency mentioned against the accounts? If any collection agency is listed on your credit report you should send a "Debt Validation Letter" to them. In reply to your "Debt Validation Letter" the CA must provide you with records of the RBC accounts.

In case there is no mention of a CA, you will have to dispute the accounts with the credit bureaus. You find a sample "Dispute Letter" in the Letters of Credit section. The bureaus should verify the accounts within 30 days, after receiving your "Dispute Letter". If they are unable to get sufficient records related to the accounts (that is the past payment details,the outstanding amount etc), the bureaus will remove them from your credit report. You are also entitled to get a free copy of your credit report, after it is updated.

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