Same debt with diff CAs - Need help to remove

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I need help to fix this. I have on my report the same account listed twice with 2 different collection agencies. No records expect the account number appears to be the same. The amount that each one is trying to collect is different. I have tried to dispute with the CRAs. While Experian and Transunion deleted one of them Equifax came back as verified. Can't they see that they are the same accounts?
:x What should be my next step? On the report it looks like two different accounts. I know it is keeping my score low

Hi Andy,

I would suggest that you redispute the matter with Equifax. You should attach a copy of your credit report, and encircle the item you are trying to dispute. You must also mention in your letter that the debt accounts with the same account number, are being reported twice.

You can also consider filing a complaint with the FTC. You should mention in your complaint, the date you sent the "Dispute Letter" to the bureaus and the date they received it.

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dzilla257 (not verified)

which one do i ask to take off the oringinal creditor or the collection agency one ?? one is closed and the other is opened as the collection agency one is opened ??

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