How can I remove wrong accounts from my report?

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Hi all,

Went through the forum and found it informative but need some personal experience in my case. I have the same name as my father (he is Sr. I am Jr.). I had nasty credit in the past but have tried to improve in the last few years. But now I have huge medical bills on my report about $45000 that I had no idea. I sent a validation request. It came back verified with a hospital bill with a signature I recognized as my father's. But I am a permanent resident of CA for 5 years and my parents are in NY. What can I do now? How do I prove that the debt is not mine? It is spoiling all the hard work I have done to improve my credit records.

Hi leopold,

You can write a letter to the collection agency, stating that you are a permanent resident of CA. So the debts incurred in NY, cannot possibly be yours. You may enclose a copy of your driving license, as a proof to support your view point (that you live in CA). You must mention that if the debt accounts are not removed from your credit report, you will be forced to take legal action allowed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Hope this will help :)

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