dispute with credit bureau did not work

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I sent the letter to experian. I attatched everything you guys told me. Invalid proof from the CA, letters I sent them etc.
They just said that they already had contacted the CA and they confirmed that I owe the debt. Apparently they just asked them and they said " yes, he does owe it".
They said "already" , because I had tried it online before. And that's just what they told me the first time.
You guys tell people here all the time that this is the way to go after the CA failed. Apparently the credit bureau dosen't give a damn!

Hi Sven,

Did Experian give you written proof that you owe the debt (for example the written contract with your creditor)? What about Transunion and Equifax? Did they verify the debt?

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No, they did not. Just sent me a letter telling me what the FCRA is etc. what my rights are etc. ....just a standard letter..
Like when you order your credit report..that's the last page. Just one sentence telling me " the CA is right".
They did not look into it! Asking the CA if they have that entry is not sufficient! Of course they gonna tell them what they have...

It's not on my Equifax report and Transunion has not responded.

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I got my Transunion results back. Same thing... just says " verified". NO proof NO explanation ( which I did request). I am so sick and tired of it.
They just seem to contact the CA and just ask them and do not demand proof. A simple "yes" seems ok.
If the CA does not respond I will go ahead and sue them.

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I just send my dispute to experian and transunion. hopefully things will come in a good way. what did you do after Sven? did you sue or submitted another dispute? did you do it online or by mail?

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haha, that was just today. I don't know yet. Probably gonna get a lawyer...for 143 Dollars ..how ridiculous.

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The Bobs (not verified)

That's because, what you're not seeing is the background dispute process. While you would think that these companies have onshore staff to investigate your dispute, they do not. Instead, they batch send groups of thousands of disputes to companies in third world counties. There, your massive amount of evidence you amassed, is completely disregarded. And your dispute ends up being reduced to a two digit code. And the code, basically, means yes, or no. That then is sent back to the CA, and then you get your results.

Why on earth anyone would think that a CA is going to change the status of your report, based on what you say, is beyond me. It simply never happens. The only way to truely remove anything from your report, is to work with the creditor. All reporting is done monthly. And it is now done electronically. If the creditor says you owe it, and you don't, or it is inaccurate, then you need to badger the people in the company that is reporting it each month. Not the CA.

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matzcrorkz (not verified)

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