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I had a Judgement filed against me 1/2003. I never was served or showed up for court. I contacted the court and they said I have no obligation to this judgement. When I look up the judgement it says I owe $0. On my credit report the judgement say the claim amount is 583. The judgement is set to fall off Jan 2010. I want to make sure this falls off my credit report...I have had problems because of it. What should I do to make sure...100% this will fall off.

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You can contact the court, and request them to give something in writing that proves the judgment has $0 balance. You can then dispute with the credit bureaus. You will have to send a "Dispute Letter" via certified mail, with a return receipt requested. You must enclose a copy of the document from the court. You can also attach a copy of the credit report, encircling the negative item you are disputing. You will find a sample "Dispute Letter" in the Letters of Credit section

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Shari Willism (not verified)

I received a bill today for $2700.00 from a debt collector located in California. I never used this towing company, this was the first bill I ever received my name and address is on this bill. I have towing insurance with my vehicle> I did some research on this company and found out that they have a lot of complaints against them ripping people off and wrongfully charging the wrong people and messin up their credit. Unfortuanely their office is closed today but i will take care of this situation Monday. I have docouments regarding my vehicle such as insurance registration.

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I am also fighting a similar situation with a tow company in California. I sent a certified letter to the CRA and it came back verified. I then called the Tow company and immediately asked for the person's name and number in case we got disconnected(giggle). I stated that I had a negative mark on my credit report by them and I needed the proof. The person stated that they had no documents because the CA had them. I said thank you and hung up. I drafted a letter to the CRA and asked how did they verify with the information furnisher when the tow company admitted that they do not have the records. I drafted a quick letter included the account number, the person's name and phone number, and sent it certified.

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