A word about what can and cant be deleted

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I have seen a number of people say that public records (BK's, judgments, liens, etc.) can't be deleted. Additionally, I see references to the various impossibilities associated with deleting assorted other tradelines as well...

Please understand... NONE of that is true...

Per federal law, any information that is:

*inaccurate (including items that are incomplete)

can be deleted....

Trust me when I tell you this people... If it couldn't, the examples page of my company website wouldn't look like it does... BK's, judgments, liens, collections, charge-offs, late payments.... It can all be deleted if it doesn't meet the federally required standards.

IF, however, the information is 100% complete, accurate, timely, and verifiable, there is nothing that you, me, or any other credit repair professional can do about it...

Questions..? Call me!

What are the chances though that bankruptsy (which can be the most damaging) is inaccurate? Have you seen this happen often? I know a lot of creditor remarks can have errors and be incomplete but I always thought they kept bankruptsies pretty accurate.
Once you get these things removed what are the chances they will be relisted by the creditors or can't they be?

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Think about the people that work at ANY county office... Is it possible that they *might* make a mistake..? THAT's how likely it is...

In all my years (roughly 15) of credit repair experience, I have seen no more than 10 LEGITIMATE re-insertions... It's too time-consuming, labor-intensive, and cost-prohibitive for furnishers...

I HAVE SEEN collection agencies try it, but they have almost always been illegally re-inserted, and are thus, easy to remove...

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Thats actually probaly really close to the truth. Everything these days are done in such a hurry.

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A chapter 13 bankruptcy stays on your report for 7 years and gets removed automatically after that. However, in the event that it stays you may contact any of the credit reporting agencies that has your bankruptcy still listed. Normally a phone call will suffice.

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