CitiBank sent me a credit card....

Submitted by raybbr on Mon, 10/29/2007 - 22:30

I received a cc from CitiBank. It had that "Call us to activate" sticker on it. That was about three weeks ago. I never called and was holding onto to it to see what I would do.

I got a letter from Chase Manhattan who has me on a credit alert due to the fact that they let my info out last year. I signed up at True Credit and checked my credit report.

It doesn't say that it's CitiBank but it shows up as a new account.
My question is this: Should I activate it or cancel it? Will cancelling it affect my credit score?

Once the account has been there for awhile if I don't use it that will affect my credit as well.

I really resent that CitiBank did this. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hi Ray

This is of course a difficult situation. Get in touch with Citibank and try to find out the real thing. Without your approval you cannot have an account. Find out about that new account. Where is it from.

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Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear. The card is from CitiBank. The account is open and acitve. I have the card. My fear is that if I cancel the card it will affect my credit rating because of the short life and the closing.

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Closing the account would slightly drop your score, because it would lower your credit available:debt ratio.

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If it s a new card and the available balance=credit limit then it wont affect your score as much as an old account would. However once you cancel a credit card keep the utilization at the lowest for the existing credit cards. That can balance the score if at all.

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I received a card from Citibank as well. Do not activate....send them the following letter:

City, State, Zip


Credit Card Company
City, State, Zip

Certified Mail# xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx – Return Receipt

RE: Account #: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

To Whom It May Concern:

Please close the above referenced account effective immediately. My records indicate the above account has never been activated. Therefore, this account cannot and has not ever been used and has a “zero” balance.

Please send me written confirmation that this account has been closed and the date the account was closed. Also, include proof that you've complied with section 623(a)(4) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act by reporting this account as "closed by consumer" to the national credit bureaus.

Please also be advised that I wish to communicate solely in writing. I can be contacted at the address listed above. Do not call me at any time or place.

I have sent this letter certified mail/return receipt to ensure that you receive this letter.

Your Name

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Forgot to mention.....check to see if they also did a "hard" inquiry on your credit report. If so, send them a CMRR letter demanding that they furnish documentation that you authorized their company to pull your credit history.

Also include a statement like: "This letter is your formal notice to cease your unauthorized hard inquiries into my credit report and, a formal demand that you immediately contact the credit reporting agencies and credit bureaus where your company has made inquiries into my credit history, to have your illegal hard inquiries removed".

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