too much interest. what can i do?

Submitted by nev917 on Sat, 09/12/2009 - 19:52

car note 457.00mo only 152.00 goes to car.what can i do to get out of this problem?

Wow, that must be some high intrest, can you get another loan with lower intrest rate, that may be helpful. Did you sign a contract with a company, who did you get the loan through?

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You can check documents you have and cofirm with company that does they provide you low interest rate to you

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Hi nev, I think you have to refinance your loans with low intrest rates.It will help you to decrease your monthly intrest rates. Pay off your all debts earlier & get out from this problem, but now you have to pay them. You can pay with low intrest rates but can't get out from this problem while you not pay off your all debts.

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