Will this help my score?

Submitted by Krystalblue87 on Tue, 09/08/2009 - 04:33

Due to losing my job last year, I currently have about $1000 in collections at different agencies. I got my 3 credit reports earlier this year and they were all correct. If I begin paying off these collections one by one, how much will it improve my score?

I fell behind on my credit card payments and my account was closed, but my bank set up a payment plan and they report payment to the credit bureaus. I've been on time with my payments for the last 9 months, will this alone help my score, even though the account has been closed? I don't think I could get another credit card and don't know if I should pay my collection debt first, or get a secured credit card?

Hi Krystalblue

Being regular with your payments alone will help improve your credit score to a good extent. If your score allows you to get a secured credit card, you may do so because this will also help you improve your score. In the meantime keep paying the debts in collection. Don't be irregular with them and do not miss any payments. I'm sure your score will look good very soon.

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When you make payment regularly it alwsy helps your score

Since now you are clearing yoru debt it will help you to imptove your score

Keep the good work

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Hi Margaret,

Yes any time you pay your debt on time if will improve your credit score.

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I will suggest you are doing good work.
Your credit score will improve if you pay debt on regualar basis.

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If you want to increase your credit score then first pay your all debt after that you apply for secured loan. with the help of secured loan your credit score definitely improve.

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