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Submitted by aarons26 on Sat, 10/03/2009 - 01:48

i have removed almost everything off my credit reports, but my score doesnt change, will it go up or down, and how long does this take to happen.

Aaron you need to have patience

After you lear all the debt you will need to waiti soemtime

and show that you are beign resposnible wiht hyour credit

the score will go up slowly but for sure

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congratulations on your debt payoff! That must be a great feeling for you.

I would say give the creditors and credit bureaus up to 60 days to have the records updated. Some creditors do not report on a monthly basis - I've even known some to only report quarterly (every 3 months).

Hopefully, you should start seeing updates to your report within the month, but keep an eye on your report - some collection agencies and creditors are bad about never removing the negative information on your report. I've had to contact an old cable company twice to have an old bill removed that was paid years ago. They still reflected it as an open account with a balance due on my credit report!

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Thats correct atleast 60 days for things to start shwoign up on yoru report and ahve some effect

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Hi aarons,

Do not be depressed. Your credit score will definitely go up since you have paid off your debts. The credit reporting agencies take a considerable amount of time to get the reports updated. The updating time differs for the individual agencies. However, you have to wait for at least 3 months to be able to figure out any change in your credit report. Like Jassica said keep checking your credit report at regular intervals.

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WOW!! Good for you!! Congrats!! Just long DID it take to pay off all of the 'negative' debts you had? Did you go by some kind of 'program'?

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definately credit score will go up as you paid debt. But the process will be slow. But impact of raising creditscore will be there.

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