how to fight experian disputes

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i have tried to get rid of my negatives with experian.years ago i could but it seems now that it is harder how is that and how do i dispute this.

If you find something that should have fallen off you can dispute that item as obsolete. If it is a debt you feel should not be there then by all means dispute it with experian. Are you not getting any answers from them or can you tell us exactly what problem you are having getting the negative removed. Generally if you dispute it with the creit bureaus and the person who has the debt against you does not prove it is yours they will generally remove it? Please get back to us.

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You can file a dispute with credit reporting agency, but your first step should be sending the collection agency a debt validation letter, If they don't validate with in the 30 day window, then on the 31st day, you send that information that they did not validate to the credit reporting agency and request that they remove it.

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Hi bubba22
Most of the negative listings stay on your credit report for seven years except hard inquiry listings which stay in your report for two years and bankruptcy, which may stay in your report for 10 years. So if you find the negative listings which have already crossed seven years, you should immediately dispute with these listings in writing with Experian through certified mail and they will get it removed from your credit report.

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I agree with Mary. However, if you have any CA listing in your report which has not been 7 years old, send them DV letters as said by Goodnatured and wait for 30 days from the date they receive your letter. If they cannot validate your debt, directly send dispute letters to Credit bureaus asking them to remove the listing. However, if they validate your debt, try to come for a pay for deletion agreement so that as soon as you pay off the dues, you will have the listing removed from your credit report. But get the PFD agreement in writing.

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I wish I would have had this knowledge when I was paying mine off, now they are laying there paid in full and still in the negative column.

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Yes but in another post we were actually trying to figure out what good PFD really do. If the OC can still remain on your report it shows the debt as still being a bad mark. Plus we had thought since a bad debt can only count once we didn't know the full extent of what a PFD was actually good for. I would like to figure this one out. I was glad you brought it up because I hadn't thought of it from your veiwpopint before.

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Sweetcheeks (not verified)

I have been disputing an account, listed on my credit report, that does not belong to me, since October 21, 2008. I have also sent a Validation letter directly to the creditor, with no reply. I have sent proof of all sent correspondences directly to Experian, including a recent copy of my Equifax credit report, showing that Equifax has removed the same account, also listed with Experian.
It is my understanding that after 30 days, if a CA cannot validate the account in question, the account must be deleted from a consumers credit report (if listed).
Each time I send my dispute to Experian and Trans Union, they're response is that I must contact the CA directly to resolve the issue, which I have, not once, but 3 different times and I have the proof to show for.
Financially, I am unable to afford to get a lawyer to sue Experian and Trans Union for reporting inaccurate information. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Trans Union has responded, that they will "investigate". Why investigate, when this has been investigated more than 4 times, even after I have provided documentation, showing my support to my dispute is valid.

Any advice????

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Hi Sweet
As far as I know, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act does not prescribe any time limit within which the creditor must validate the debt. It only mentions that the creditor cannot continue collecting the debt so long as the creditor validates it.
If the creditor does not remove it from the credit report, you can file a complaint against them to the Federal Trade Commission.

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sell (not verified)

Experian is a lazy incompetent British company that does NOT comply with American laws. Their credit reports are filled with errors because they don't even take the time to make sure the social security numbers on the accounts even match up with person's credit report. This means that you could have perfect credit but have it damaged by them reporting someone elses bad accounts on YOUR report!

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Michael Lach (not verified)

Yes you can. I used to remove my inquiries for only $15 each.

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Your Experian credit report is one of the three most important credit reports you have. Because you never know which credit report a creditor or lender is going to check, it's important that you manage all of them.

You might discover errors on your Experian credit report after you receive it. The Fair Credit Reporting Act gives you the right to have these errors removed through a dispute process.

Your credit report will typically come with instructions for disputing errors. When you order your Experian credit report online, you'll be given a link that you can use to make your dispute.

It's also possible to make a credit report dispute in writing. Simply write a credit report dispute letter, highlight the errors on your credit report, and send any supporting documents you have to Experian's credit report dispute address:
Experian Dispute Department
P.O. Box 9701
Allen, TX 75013

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mtm (not verified)

Thank you for your helpful information..

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Hey mtm, if you happen to need help with a good dispute letter there are some samples here at the forum. Just look to the left side of your screen and you will see letters of credit. There are also a lot of other sample letters there if you need them.

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alan swann (not verified)

Exprian sent me credit report saying good but give lenders wrong info on my address of eight years, need loan for wedding both full time good steady jobs good credit history experian spoiling things

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Hi Alan,

You need to request Experian to update the address on your credit report.



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Full of Hope (not verified)

Has anyone had any success with disputing an item with a credit bureau and their process of validation? A tax lien was filed against me back in Feb. 2011. In April 2011 my refund check was taken and the debt was satisfied. In Sept. 2011 my credit report alert alerted me to that fact that the lien hit my credit report. The tax entity says that they are not responsible for when the credit bureau actually puts the information on my credit report. There is some information out there that is not correct like the date filed and the date that I paid. I disputed this incorrect information and the bureau did not take it off of my report. I have the documents to show that the account was satisfied in 4/2011 and not 9/2011. I need advice!!!

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