Will Credit Monitoring Hurt My Credit Score?

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Will Credit Monitoring Hurt My Credit Score?

Credit monitoring is the automated process of keeping an eye on your credit. Credit monitoring helps protect you against identity theft and monitors any changes and/or inquiries made to your credit file by alerting you within approximately 24 hours of any major changes made to your credit file.

No. Credit monitoring has no affect to your credit score. It's simply a service that keeps your credit in check. The only time it affects your credit is when you ask a creditor to inquire about your credit

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The specific credit monitoring service you use will determine which credit bureau is referenced in monitoring your credit. Each credit monitoring service uses only one of the three bureaus to monitor your credit; however, since the activity you're looking out for affects your credit across the board, it won't matter which bureau your credit monitoring service uses. They'll still be able to identify unexpected changes or discrepancies in your credit report.

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