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Submitted by CHERJ1956 on Sun, 10/18/2009 - 15:21

I hope I can find some help here...just got served a summons for and old debt. I am an Air Force Veteran and I don't remember this debt, can I request something in writing to prove that it is infact my signature? I left a message with the attorney whose name appears on the summons. I was the victim of identity theft, so I am not sure this is even mine.


Yes I would send them a debt verification letter make sure to send it certified.

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Cheryl (not verified)

Thanks for the information. I am going to tell my boss tomorrow what they are in the loop...will be curious as to what this attorney has to say.

I did some research on my recent background and found that it is on my credit report, but was written off as a bad debt, so now I want to find out how they can send me a summons on something that they wrote off and why am I just now being notified? Thought they had to send something in writing, not just sending a sheriff to your door...I am ready to fight!!

Thanks again

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"Bad debt" written in your report does not mean that you do not owe the debt. You are still liable to pay the debt, it just that, the creditor might have sold it off to a CA or has transferred it to the collection department within the organization. You still have time to negotiate the debt with the creditor. I would suggest you to that. Try and settle the debt outside court and chalk out a repayment plan with the consent of the creditor. You must also remember to send a pay for delete letter to the creditor requesting him to remove the negative item from your credit report after you have paid the debt.

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