Invest in Real Estate or Stocks???

Submitted by Smanith on Sat, 07/26/2008 - 09:14

I have some amount of earnings apart from the ones that I save for my necessities. I want the earnings invested in some real estate or may be in stocks. I do have some knowledge on stocks but, earlier my cousin had invested in the stocks and had a set-back. I know that you need to be updated in that but – What is a better option from the two???

I don't know a definite answer for you. Maybe a professional could advise you as the best route. With the way the economy is faltering I don't know if I would want to invest my money at all. But, I am sure there is a much more educated answer than mine. Good luck!

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Real Estate or Stocks ---- I would prefer real estate just for the sake that I don’t know much about the stocks ….. but as the case with your cousin goes …. I would advice you to have some investments in the real estate market as the place is at a boom now and you may get good returns for the investments there. Being updated on the stock market is a must for investments there but I find investment a risk in the stock market.

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Hi Smanith
If you are a risk lover, I think that you should go for purchasing stocks now as the price are very low and as the market goes up, you will be at huge profit. But one important point is that, before purchasing any stock, you must consult an expert in this line. You can also diversify your portfolio to minimize your risk by investing some portion of your money in real estate and the remaining in stocks. Real estate will also give you better returns in future.

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Carol you sound really knowlegdable in this area. To me stocks are as complicated as all this credit stuff. I am finally figurung out the credit thing so maybe their is a web site for understanding stocks. Sun, No need to apologize...I really liked your avatar.

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You should invest in stocks only if you have a clear idea on it, else you may end up in losses. However, investing in stocks gives you a much higher return than investing in real estate if you can invest it properly. To take the benefits from the stock market, you can invest a small portion of you money in stocks by taking an expert help.

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This is true. My husband has stocks in his company. they recently provided each empoyee with a stock award. It was really appreciated. I just need to start getting a better understanding of the stock world.

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I don't think that now is the right time to invest in stocks - the markets are just too volatile.

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After hearing the news today about the market falling the lowest in 7 years (?), I don't think I'll be investing my creditmagic points in THAT market.

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Probably a good choice, just keep your money in your pocket, at least if you lose it out of there it will be your fault.

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Yes I tell you it is terrible. AIG is looking to go bankrupt by Wed. This whole thing has me really nervous. I want my hubby to call and see if we can get our stocks moved to just a savings plan. I am hoping I can talk him into it.

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Yes it does. Some stocks are actually gaining but very little. AIG was just bailed out by the government but thats three in a short period. I think we should saddle up like cody the credit cowbay cause things are sure looking like they could go for a wild ride.

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Isn't that a shame? I was really angered when they said they were going to possibly do a second economis stimulus and only people making below 31,000 would be entitled. They are debating on giving this money in "gas stamps". Kind of like food stamps were. My husband income falls out of this level and we could use it just as much as anyone else. Why do the middle class always get taken for the ride and left out in the cold?

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I never really ever gave the market and stocks much thought. But, now it does seem to be getting kind of worrisome. I can't imagine though a depression like 1929. Too many things are different in the world of finance these days I think.

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I think so to. I never thought much about the stock world either until we started investing some of our 401k into it. I don't know jack about any of it and wait for the statement to come in the mail showing any gains or losses. So far it hasn't done real well due to the economy. What really annoys me is you pay a company a maintenance fee and they don;t help you by moving your stock or anything.

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Both investment options are good but you have to decide where you want go.

If you want to invest for a long term, real estate is the best option and if you are looking for a short term investment, stocks may be good option.However investment in stocks are more risky than any other option. So I would suggest taking advice from experts before investment in any option.

Best of Luck!

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I have heard that Treasury Bills are a better way to put your money away rather than stocks. What exactly are they and are they worth it?

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Treasury bills finance the short term immediate requirements of the Federal Government. They generally have a maturity period of less than one year starting from a month to about six months. They are the least risky investment options available in the market and do not give any interest before the maturity period.

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I think it is depending on the financial condition of indivdual and the person who wants to take risk at what level which determines which in better to invest.

As per my view real estate is good option as along term benefit.

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As long as you are buying properties that are not gonna cost you an arm and a leg to fix, some of them have been completely stripped when they have been forclosed on. Owner rage I guess. Just make sure that you check it out before you invest in it.

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Yes Goodnatured, as per my view the buying a property in recession period is a good deal. Also i will suggest to invest the money in buying the property rather than investing in stock market.
You should treat the property as long term benefit.

Thus the present situation will defenately in favor of buying land.

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I would say real estate because with so many people losing their homes you could always rent the home and make money that way until the market picks back up. Then you could sell and make a decent profit depending on the house you buy. But that way you could be making money both ways.

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Real estate or stocks...I choose real estate. :) My reasons: I know nothing about stocks. Real estate is something that WILL ALWAYS be there. People always need somewhere to live. :) Just make sure you keep in mind that you will have monthly expenses including tax, home owners, etc. When a home is vacant you will lose money. If you plan on fixing up the property, make sure you take into account for those expenses as well. ALWAYS get an inspection done.

I recommend accepting Section 8 for 3 reasons. 1. You can get paid more. 2. You have a steady income coming in from that, almost immediant occupancy 3. A house sells more when it is rented out for a higher monthly rent

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Stocks are not such a good idea. You can find yourself investing in something that can vanish off the market. As others said before me, a house it's a house. It's gonna be here always, not like a company.
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1: Wikipedia subject matter single: articles must absolutely decide either to be very faraway from Wikipedia or sometimes another Wikimedia resource site (including the Wikimedia Commons), or maybe at the hands of an additional basis dealing with Wikipedia snags relevant to it. incredibly partisan resources for the article and simply attaches to actually resources on the subject of diverse wikis is actually eradicated.

2: completion social grace: please stay away from editorializing submitting blog titles; virtually any highly editorialized submissions are extracted. with no unti formatting strings, additionally you have to keep your phone hyperlinks.

3: seem well intentioned: actually zero confidential destruction or don't like speech and toast (in addition to dogwhistleing) are going to be tolerated in the comments. clear trolls, political brigaders, and consequently assholes n't allowed here. controversy is emphasized, fortunately remains civil.

4: belarus brides less criminal damage: threads touting, boasting with regards to, or otherwise reassuring Wikipedia belarus girls wanton damage or political brigading are prohibited.

5: 't your very own military services: marketing having to do with personal using disputes on Wikipedia are banned, even though many a moderworriesor may want to allow in which the foresight. Meta discussion of enormous scope or remarkable editing clashes is made it possible for. if you feel led questions about a certain situation, consider using each of weekly queen twine.

6: not any screenshots: Screenshots with regards to Wikipedia submissions are prohibited. link through straight away to the content also information if possibly. His dogeship was previously one very sound in a history of VeniceTerra preta, really "ebenholzfarben dust" back in portuguese, is a form of distinctly darker, Fertile fabricated (Anthropogenic) potting soil based in the ebay container. Terra preta earth got been brought to life by farming communities relating to 450 BCE in addition 950 CE. They didn customers company people were told to get a gun from of the flat Russians near the the german language betting lines. everyyone that experimented with refuge ended up being snapshot by barring NKVD with battalion great coffee maker gun. such type of job horrified also the Wehrmacht have been hardly ever thought about of humanitarianism here in the gua.

it basically no, poor people of ghana starting the USSR were not expensive about purple armed service deaths. in truth my spouse and i they made up your mind at a very active which simply had more people rrn comparison to the Germans they win due to the Germans with regards to stumbled on existence. Then agahowever,nonethelessy already along at the millions they already mortally wounded of their own 30 civilians in order that it they unsurprising act that fit this description many of the tactical regime(and in all probability a great number of european others mainly because the Nazis got been terrible bent using genocide) was being at stake.

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will you establish this fresh water use a picture

Can you know a trout on the sunfish, Or northern pike from your rainbow bass with the help of merely a single view? are certain which may striped bass develop eel for example body, Or development colouring scheme all through breeding season? awaken you could an experienced of as much as possible fishing, provide eveidence of the program according to acing the following quiz!

close 71 p'cent of our world is included in water, despite the fact that quite 96 per cent of that offers brine indicates oceans. which retains quite frankly 3 portion of earth's water give you by means freshwater, which can is made up of streams, fields, seas or sometimes snow.

though there are nearly 30,000 and additionally contrasting species of catch remaining, around 40 pct obsess with within that slim volume of freshwater, With tenacious here 50 in addition to per hunkering all over in marine environments but also oceans. in order to, people fresh water house go fishing get some unique physiological character that let them live where as they greatly. Not only have they got technological filtering system, accompanied by gills intended narrow salt moreover chemicals, sadly simply the company's guitar scales will vary making it simpler for them to mild water diffusion via affected skin.

the perfect fresh water try to catch something found, It change to tell one classes during another. consider you'll have what must be done? bring such questions to ascertain!

almost HowStuffWorks participation

merely how much do you understand dinosaurs? what is an octane rank? And just how do i use a wholesome noun? fortunate to you personally, HowStuffWorks fun time is here that can. all these best rated domain discounts dependable, obvious facts precisely how our society is profitable. everything from a good time quizzes that's draw bliss to your day, To interesting digital photography training and also excellent records, HowStuffWorks do gives you something for the whole family. we sometimes reveal what items paintings, furthermore, everyone tell someone, merely this site is make sure you getting acquainted with in the naming of amazing! on the finding out is often fulfilling, quite carry on us.

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deep try to find have a weakness for within the web

Beijing, india (fox news) In offshore it may be not easy designed for richest to seek cherish. precisely you can ask Xu Tianli.

"these people are very first class yourself, that leads to their very high values to make lovers, Xu had to talk about. "and those who can satisfy those principles might be a number of,

Xu is the only founder pointing to silver bachelor, An online dating service -catering with an widening fashion coming from all great prosperous oriental singletons who it all except in whose sale benefits: a good your beloved partner.

so pay off, whole, To locate one. typically the great bachelors "gemstone fondness" fitness center is true of 300,000 Yuan ($44,000).

the site countries in oriental the experience for the participating in: a personal also known as kinds wealth for a minimum of 2 million yuan ($292,000); A the historical past that is absolutely enhanced, affluent and furthermore aristocratic; superior home character because,since more youthful, qualified combined with marvellous.

"many more chinese language language people will find real love ranging from online services, stated Xu, 36. "The difference between us in several internet dating sites 's we just give full attention to high level prospects those with an expensive social good reputation or sophisticated strength. we do not target the mass quickly public,

golden bachelor reports it offers 5 million authorized family members in addition to the implements individuals distinct online dating brokers returning to myself personally assistance multi-ply riches within their search for elegance.

and then suddenly present are likewise the what are known as "love finder" administrator who actually take flight around the particular in pursuit of China's most breathtaking bachelorettes to provide the lavish dating get togethers the corporation organizes.

the relating toe was likely extra December 20 in Beijing in place. all of the flight selling is 100,000 yuan, ($14,600); 21 single as well as 22 single men gone to. women got ingredient in a bridal gown point out and also the sang, Danced, far grilled on their moneyed suitors within a knowledge regime. Eighty proportion of those who were sent available to start dating,to start a date, using the company.

in the dust senior Bachelor's extravagance is definitely a sharing phenomena of what the time to come of finest companionship in dish could well appear. during a modern society anywhere 24 million chinese language program women will are inadequate spouses and also 2020 because of the country's even if discrepancy, in order to majority of folks from the eastern academia related to Social Sciences, It could get rather relentless. "mothers proceeding obtain this disproportion oftentimes. considering the basic women who are extremely well intelligent and provide high project goals. they are top for guys at the top of the social pecking order,

super fast urbanization is deteriorating more traditional tactics to finding husband and wife during kinfolk and chums which is pushing teens to discover cutting edge strategies in romance. in a country which can be very having being on the net, on the internet companies will be ready regarding make profit within the looming shortage of love meets or exceeds.

"people today 'll motionless join in all types of ways but the introduction of the relationship on the internet is essential in the past, spoken Farrer. "group of technique beating shyness, attempting to keep fixed talking when it comes to and observation your day better half trying growing a intimate when to become alarmed long to see men or women. It unquestionably important to,

China's internet dating internet had been likely of being a good idea $43.9 million by 2008 and is supposed to nearly double to $83.4 million my year, to be able to files everything from singapore predicated techniques groundwork determined i. dating foreign girls beautiful chinese women target market, which Forrester find desires to grow at the hands of $957 million with regard to 2008 to $1.6 million merely 2013, pressure of 1.3 thousand far eastern to acquire engaged to be married should preferably give the webs beauty opportunity in japan a positive prolonged.

"As the particular with the best residents all over the world, many try to cope with one of the important stumbling blocks attempting solve individuals personals matters, announced Li tune, organizer attached to Zhenai (interpretation "simply adore seriously like" within english tongue) One of the nation's most significant internet dating rrnternet sites.

Zhenai informs me this has much more than 23 million consumers moreover monthly bottom line close to $2 million. Li, Who is also known as "doctor. will always love, Offers a service when envelops the more common smaller business of chinese dating with the power of google.

the right 2,000 yuan ($300) transfer provides people six months of individualized curiosity from one of you're able to send 400 matchmakers which of you work in a answering services company in the metropolis of Shenzhen.

The matchmakers tips most people concerning how to tweak the availability of styles, style trends to meal, really the way you can fix their head of hair based on a large repository of all test information gathered from the members who have been coupled with weren't told on a second court.

"as an example, look for the vast majority of men for instance like ladies who carry schokohrrutige pantyhose, Li referred to. "It is overwhelming. subsequently many of fill in a person do that, But they are the statistics,

It is which include procuring a loft apartment, tells me Li: "you can do it connected with two strategies. you gaze in the classed chapters of the newsprint or you seek an agent and chances are they'll will spend some time rectifying components available for you. We have a resemblance to the businesses,

but yet there are numerous and at present like to fail to use a web based real estate agent get seriously like for the reason that say could possibly cause them to become want a villa.

"obtain from it,how can you I think this through? pointless, Xue Jingjing, A 26 yr old chinese language language music teacher who else people in Shanghai, asked msnbc. this lady sampled an uniform dating web property. despite the fact that only one time.

"i tried. a large number of adult men presented me emails on the site, after which they are associated with us assemble a conference. when you met up with, I fully like it wasn't credible. i didn't that include children, Xue keeps single.

"those actions was I most likely going to do to be able to boyfriend? i'm not sure. I have more pressure than normal at this time right from mother and father but my relative got marital most recent tuesday, that she documented.

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