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Hey everyone just wanna say hello and introduce myself!

Hi weemogrowHep,

Welcome to the forum. If you have any credit repair issues we can help you with just let us know.

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Hi I am a newbie to this forum. I have many queries related to this forum. I think this site will be the best place to clarify my queries.

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Experts, on this Forum, will tell you exactly where to look to get your questions answered. Lots of people to 'mingle' with!! Have fun!!

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I am Junaid 25 years old, Recently joined this fourm, And would like to ask you guys that what Can I do in this forum?

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Hi Junaid,

Welcome to this community :)

You can share your knowledge On credit and debt in the forums, and can also post your queries on credit and debt problems. Here the members help each other solve their credit and debt problems.

One of the most interesting thing about this community is that, while posting your queries and your answers, you can even earn dollars :)

Hope this helps.



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I wanna tell ya'll this!! I'm SOOOOOOO excited!! I've been REALLY looking at my CR, dealing with my Credit, etc. Last year, my Credit score (for all 3 CB's..) were 498, 501, 510.'s 560, 598, 601!! I'm just thrilled!! Just paying things down is REALLY helping my score. My 'income to debt ratio' isn't the best, yet,..but, it's getting better. I have a question for ya'll. Why would Credit scores vary so much, with all 3 CB's..even if the same amount (give or take) items are on all 3? Thanks.

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