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i retired on march 30th. april 2, i was admitted to a hosp for a 6 day stay.i have a very small pension and will begin drawing s.s.i. in august. the hosp bill far exceeds a small retirement fund i have. my insurance was terminated on the same day i retired. my ssi will just cover my living expenses. whaTt can io expect and the best way to deal with it. i have my thoughts but am interested in others thoughts. did not not want to start retirement in this manner. i now fall under veterans insurance (i am a viet nam vet) but during that hospital stay, i was uninsured. they are already sending ugly mail. any advice?

Hi Tbrd,

As you are unable to pay the bill, you can try to negotiate a settlement with this hospital. Debt settlement lowers your outstanding debt amount by 40-60%. Thus, with debt settlement it becomes much easier to pay off your debt.



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