Proper proof of debt

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What would be considered as binding validation of debt. I recently had a collection company send me out a copy of validation of debt. There only appears to be computer generated copy of summary of transactions. Have they supplied enough information to verify the debt. Can i ask for more validation and what would i ask for. This also came after I recieved a settlement offer from the collection agency. I sent them a pay for deletion letter agreeing to settlement amount. They responded with the DV ,without agreeing nor disagreeing to terms of pfd. Should I resend pfd letter stating second attempt. The settlement offer has also ran outside its course of the 30 day window offered. Waiting on response to DV,before I do anything else.

timid40 (not verified)

I have 4 judgements on my credit report that have been satisfied. Is there any way to get these off of my report. How will it affect my credit score if they are completely removed?

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timid40 (not verified)

I have 4 judgements on my credit report that have been satisfied. Is there any way to get these off of my report. How will it affect my credit score if they are completely removed?

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Hi Timid,

Judgments stay on your credit report for 7 years, paid or unpaid. Check the status of account on your credit report. Check whether or not the account is being reported as "Judgment satisfied". If it is being reported as being satisfied, then it won't have as much a negative effect as an unpaid judgment account.



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It does sound like AFNI. Had to deal with them over an old phone bill and they never did properly validate. Went ahead and paid it because it wasnt much of a bill. Otherwise i dont think they would have validated enough to get big bucks outta me.

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