Bank saying credit score is low

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I checked my credit scores with the following places,








With all places my credit score was way higher with them. Then I tried to apply for a loan, and the bank said my scores was way lower then what i saw, almost by 50-80 points. I said, How can that be, I checked with all the websites. The loan officer, said all places I check was fake and had the wrong score. Why is that? You mean to tell me all the websites I check is not correct? Or is this bank giving me a hard time?

You should ask the bank what source they use. The banks or other financial institutions usually use one of the credit reporting agencies to pull your score, either Equifax, transunion or Experian, ask them which they are using and then check your score there. I have had them use Transunion, but you should ask them to make sure.

Once you know you can pull it and compare it to the others to see what the difference is, file any disputes you need to and etc.

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Hi Kacey,

No company other than and myfico give you authentic FICO score. You should always get your scores from these companies.

As for your score from myfico, did you get score of any one credit bureau, or of all the three Equifax, Experian and TransUnion? If not, you can get scores of all the three from myfico. The scores of the three credit bureaus can vary by 20-50 points.



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You'd think the rep wud have made more of an effort to achieve the loan for you, right? Goodnatured has some helpful info there and I def agree with Aaron that annual and myfico are the primary resources for accurate information regarding your credit score.

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