Credit = 100%?

Submitted by TheZen on Mon, 06/14/2010 - 16:51

I currently have a credit score in the low-500s. It's mostly because of one single account (Dell can be a-holes). I'm only 21, and the only other thing on my credit report is my student loan.

My Experian credit summary says that I have $0 available, but 100% of that $0. I must be missing something. I currently have no credit card, and my credit summary still has my old job from two years ago. How do I fix this?

I'm in a much better job now, but if it shows up as 7-11, I'm not going to get ANYTHING approved.

Also, despite paying Sallie Mae every month, my score isn't going up. What's up with that?

I think it means that, because you have no credit card, you have $0 credit available to you to use. I could be wrong though. I'm just figuring out this stuff myself!

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Hi TheZen,

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Can i know what do you mean by

I'm in a much better job now, but if it shows up as 7-11

Can you please give more details on the single account that you have? Moreover, are you current on your student loan?

To improve your credit score, you can get added as an authorized user on your parents, or any your relatives account who has a good credit score. Once this account gets listed on your credit report, your credit score will improve.



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The Dell account had interest that increased it to $1000 bill. I just finished paying for a settlement which should take effect soon. I was at 7-11 when I first bought the laptop.

I just got current with my student loan in February.

I'll try jumping on one of their credit cards, but as I'm only 21, they might not be so eager to trust me with that kind of plastic power.

Also, Bank of America has this "Build Your Credit" secured credit card, but it requires that you have no outstanding balances. Does that mean I can't owe Sallie Mae?

-EDIT: I missed that first question. It says I still work at 7-11, but that was two years ago. It hasn't updated yet, and I wanted to know why.

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