sample letter for reversal of interest charges

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hi, do you have sample letter for reversal of interest charges?

No, not to my knowledge. But if you have any query on that you may ask us and we can try to help you out.

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i issued a check friday from my current account however, funds is in my saving account and only transferred funding monday. will request for reduction in charges

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i issued a check friday from my current account however, funds is in my saving account and only transferred funding monday. will request for reduction in charges

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hello, i need some help regarding this matter, i need a sample about a reversal letter concerning a credit card charges and its interest because the card company charged me twice upon paying a domain, according to their system my card has insufficient balance so i used another credit card but they charged me on both cards so the bank told me to make a reversal letter... thanks a lot and good day! hope you could help me in this matter.

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hi, i need some help regarding reversal letter sample about a credit card of our guest. because of double swipe the citi bank hold the payment for us, we need to give the formal reversal letter to forward for citi bank to request the amount we reserves. Thanks a lot god bless.

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dear sir ,bank dabited Rs 10000/- from my a/c due to non mantanance of my half early give me a good letter to sand the bank.

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hello, i need some help regarding this matter, i need a sample about a reversal letter concerning a credit card charges and its interest because the card company charged me twice upon paying a domain, according to their system my card has insufficient balance so i used another credit card but they charged me on both cards so the bank told me to make a reversal letter... thanks a lot and good day! hope you could help me in this matter.

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hi, do you have sample letter for reversal of interest charges?

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Can you give a sample letter of reversal charges on credit card

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V7BZSj I really enjoy the article post. Really Great.

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SufficientlyDistinct 1 guide processed 1 month the actual

i relating to Xeloda to PanCan. i purchased privileged and didn use hands And Foot problem (and this also it looks like you got), only these written documents a good idea I get an excellent urea (20% or more) lotion in case. i often tried Udderly undeterred extra care 20, in addition hypothetically each broad Qpid Network can do. there is simply a woman at my job what people stands out as the poster child as for attention deficit PH in grown-ups. Undiagnosed/untreated. could step behind home within the conferences, interrupt regularly, this select 1 hour run on her lunchtime Qpid Network fractures to melt accumulation of capacity (your own woman on top of that owns to the morning). this girl chatter for hours, and allows a couple sentimental regularions problem. my girl meows in appointments up to weekly (have a tendency to simply because this girl enthusiastic about something). my spouse quite a awful outburst, may also change from quell to ranting and to on the inside tracfone units 5. i only say the lady "bands almost like taken by a motor" apart from it's more of a plane serp.

absolutely everyone witnesses that she just isn't neurotypical and is normally beautiful accommodating, the particular psychological and mental reactions consider depleting.

in my circumstances, your current uneven task is always that she's troubled, and now we are enduring, to obtain some thing curable. it makes me frustrated that you are now living a the community where as individuals are undiagnosed for decades with regards to seriously plainly which affects these guys, And there's most resistance to the very idea of attention deficit disorder in grown-ups.

SuccessfulRothschild 6 matters posted 1 month back

place in which, you'll have it lmao, my partner and i, in my opinion as much as, exact same solutions rage originates from watching ourselves in other people. mainly things I really do not like close to by myself. setting up, i will hate regular people, while where it technical trend always is from the common in my view. fail to temp your inside into it, it's totally genuine :) may not the same principle match, it is likely nicely worth reading by which the anger is originating, for anyone experiencing the fact hey, i must put one inside the fucking neck feeling as though you're hehe, truly adage that all those feelings, exactly that I have that once in a while. i cannot process into it, though unnecessary aggravation would be real :).

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A First Kiss Is More noteworthy Than a First Sexual Encounter

Psychologists report that any given strength training remember up to 90 percent of the details of their first romantic kiss, A memory that is even mind blowing than their first sexual encounter.

the specific "Shoop Shoop song you choose, (It's during his Kiss), Sung by both Betty Everett and afterwards on Cher, Says every thing.

"Think about all those date movies where that long awaited first kiss brings sighs and heart flutters to the audience and seals the deal between the couples on screen, Said mid-florida, Fla, psychiatrist and licensed clinical social worker LeslieBeth Wish.

"The lips are very sensitive tissue, With many nerve endings that signal reactions such as cold and warm, razor-sharp and soft, She mentioned. "the nerve endings also activate our feelings of closeness and attachment by arousing the brain's love chemicals such as oxytocin,

On valentine's it is worth noting that the romantic kiss may be underrated in a fast culture that celebrates booty calls, Pornography and internet dating.

"inspite of the casualness of sex these days, Kisses still pack a serious punch, Said plan. "Good kissers know beautiful woman in spanish not to swallow up the mouth of another, Not to jam their tongue down the partner's throat or knock their teeth. Kisses are such powerful connectors that the second of the first touch can overwhelm you with pleasure,

From Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous photo of the sailor kissing the nurse after battle II, To the lip lock of gay boys Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal in the 2005 film "Brokeback mountain, A association can truly be sealed with a kiss.

"The worst kiss is the kind when it feels like a serpent has just entered your mouth and is swirling around inside of it, pointed out Severin Witte, A 22 years old college senior from Brenham, colorado. "One kiss and each thing can be completely off. It's the most effective litmus test,

Research for her recent book revealed that, usually, "Men prefer open mouth obtaining, business women complain about too much tongue, claimed Kirshenbaum.

The kiss may even serve an evolutionary purpose. Men's saliva contains hardly any testosterone that can, Over replicated exposure, Arouse a woman's libido and finally persuade her to mate.

Women are also more sensitive to scent and taste, using their senses to detect if the man is the "true match,

"Kissing is such an illustration of this a behavior that is both nature and nurture, She had to talk about. "We seem to have an instinctive drive to kiss and connect in some way,

Man's earliest kisses were employing the nose, a lot like the Eskimo rub, according to Kirshenbaum, Probably allowing humans to reconnect with relatives and discover clues about a person's health.

Kissing may have moved to the mouth as humans became sensitized to the color red, finest ripe fruits for food. That may have led to your red lips, An indicator of a really fertile mate. Modern studies show that the color red makes the heart beat faster and may be exactly why women still use lipstick. Greeks and Romans chronicled kisses through slaves and owners; christian believers kissed the hands of priests and popes.

at the heart Ages among the illiterate, Legal court documents were marked with an X and sealed with a kiss. But by the time the plague arrived in the 17th century, A kiss became deadly and men were more apt to tip a hat than risk lighlty pressing lips.

Some of the most extremely memorable kisses have come out of Hollywood. Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst ranked second in their the other way up kiss in the 2002 movie "crawl Man, and George Peppard and Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film "breakfast at Tiffany's, And meat Swayze and Demi Moore in the 1990 move "ghost,

Kissing can even be good for your.

According to the American Academy of cosmetic dentistry, when you kiss, Salivary glands under the tongue and in the cheeks are stimulated to develop more saliva. this inflatable water, aminoacids, Electrolytes and mineral salts in saliva maintain mouth healthy.

Some cold medications and anesthetics may reduce the flow of saliva and kissing can boost production, they assert.

Ashley Boyce, 21, at Bandera, tx, Said a capable kiss has "Just the correct quantity of tongue to lips to teeth ratio,

And it always has to be a fitting setting, Not a busy street corner or school hall, She wanted to say. "In the 'Wedding Singer' they refer to it 'church tongue'.

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South Africa v England 1st Test day two as industry

1600: CLOSE Eng 84 1 Harris will need it, Close fielders gathering like bears close to the honey pot. extra wide, simple, Cut beautifully along with the gaps by Strauss for four to the cover fence. Strauss gets behind the previous couple of and that's stumps the skipper not out on 44, Trott via 18. The review isn't doing much, The ball is behaving and the next wind storm forecast for the weekend looks dicey. Draw to our fore?up from Ben, greater london, TMS mail: "'Can you clarify 'not highly rated for a BBC supported site' please.or,--" Mike is punctuated wrong the converter should have a question mark at the end of the sentence rather than a full stop. of low quality for a BBC supported site,1559: Eng 84 1 Ooohs the two slips, and why not Trott has a poke at De Wet's slider and almost skinnies one through to Poucher. Time for a new?provided by Ben, liverpool, TMS inbox: "'1538: i wouldn't mind that, But wish "effortless rip, No need to dabble at Harris's dobblers straight from the cabbage'. That's considerably better for a BBC supported site,1554: Eng 84 1 De Wet strains for the leg stump yorker take you swine, Crashed through midwicket by Strauss to help to 39. Two more journey pads, And the joint venture is up to 58.1550: Eng 76 1 Ntini bounds in such as an over excitable gazelle, Pinging 80mph+ darts support Jonfound onhan Trott, Who opts for the Terry Wogan school of safe hands leaders with a straight blade. How did this take place? I would write to my MP if I knew which of his addresses was currently selected as his main home,1546: Eng 76 1 De Wet's return is greeted by a wristy back foot flick through backward point for two by "Leon" Trott, even though Amla goes all Gary Bailey and parries a miss timed pull at midwicket for a single. Lots of O shaped mouths as Friedel traps Strauss in front from through the wicket, But a shake of the head from umpire Aleem Dar suggests a huge inside edge on to pad, Otherwise it might been curtains. Skips brings up the 50 partnership with a dismissive pull past fine leg for his fourth boundary of the afternoon.1538: Eng 68 1 painless now, Skip no reason to try a slashing cut to Harris's tweakers in the rough. That sentence in your essay makes no sense, could it?at Bryn, Bristol, TMS mail: "these are movies, which i enjoyed 'The Cook, an Snick, His Strife and their own Cover'. positively classic, which were,1534: Eng 66 1 more restrictive from Morkel, benefiting from lift from that Ambroseque action of his. Strauss catches one on the spine peg, But he'd backed away and no sniff of an ell bee. 1530: Eng 66 1 In a greatly post modern move, Kallis appears to be picking a callous on his palm. Expect Morkel to don a snorkel shortly before Ntini sips a Martini and Prince complains about the design and style of the new pavilion. upon grass bank, A girl in a strapless bikini is angrily lecturing an astounding man slopping beer over the rim of his glass. Hello evolved into Trott's front pad, Big impress, refused by Umpire Steve Davis referred! Let's look at this come on, Missing leg by a long distance. Not a huge distance, actuality. Blimey. Millimetres. rejected again, But Trott's heart almost certainly clanging like Fireman Sam's alarm bell. 1504: Eng 58 1 Morne Morkel for his first rumble of the group, South Africa's very own younger looking Steve Harmison. yup, generally there we go fast long hop down leg, tickled fine by Trott for casual four. easy, quite short and wide of off, accompanied by a no ball. Ahem.1454: Eng 37 1 Ntini after again, The evening shadows start to creep. ohio, Classic Strauss swivel pull off the top of middle for four through square leg, then four more, Cut away with quick hands as Ntini over corrects to off. 16 overs left in manufactured, the revolutionary ball still hard, The pitch starting to misbehave, Ntini heaped with 100th cap vim, De Wet riding the debutant wave trying out times.1444: Eng 25 1 F5 to post changes repeat, F5 to pick up changes. Whistles and hisses greet the arrival of Jonathan Trott, And we'll have some evening session spice for one more hour or so. Gaagh big leave from Strauss as Ntini goes around the wicket, The ball pinging back in off the seam and blowing a kiss to helpful tips of off as it somehow sneaks by. created by Pranav Soneji

1438 Wicket Cook ct Boucher b De Wet Eng 25 1 Cook tucks into a full toss freshly served up from the bowler buffet your covers for four, Following that up with a better and straighter drive-thru mid off for a second successive boundary. But Cook is within the pavilion two balls later as he pokes at a good length delivery outside off stump, Slivering a thin edge through which wicketkeeper Boucher. Up goes Steve Davis' finger and unbridled joy for De Wet. 1434 Eng 17 0 b strokemaking from Strauss, Who turns a full ball on his pads off Ntini outcome midwicket for three, Well stopped in your boundary rope by a well timed slide by Morne Morkel. Definitely some extra zip off the top for Ntini, But nothing to alarm either batsmen so far. 1431 Eng 13 0 A synopsis of De Wet's bowling action a bit like Dale Steyn with a traditional sprinkling of Darren Gough. He stops for a short word with Cook, Who responds with an expression of a man given War and Peace in Afrikaans as a gift. superior riposte from Cook, Who eases a supplies on leg stump through midwicket for four.1431 Eng 13 0 A synopsis of De Wet's bowling action a bit like Dale Steyn with a practical sprinkling of Darren Gough. He stops for a short word with Cook, Who responds with an expression of a man given War and Peace in Afrikaans as a bithday present. superior riposte from Cook, Who eases a shipment on leg stump through midwicket for four.1426 Eng 6 0 Ntini, Fresh from ball rescuing at the all singing World Cup group draw in Cape Town, encircles the wicket to cramp Cook for room, But the Essex opener responds with many resolute defensive strokes. Shadows begin to lengthen everywhere in the lush outfield. Andy, Berkshire, TMS inbox: "Who can forget that classic Braveheart quote 'They may take our lives, But they have to never take our Friedel!'"Geoff Boycott on Test Match special: "I liked using bowlers that glared at you. I once thought how quick they'd be if I was still batting tomorrow tea time,1421 Eng 5 0 Woah! positively stinker from Friedel de Wet, Whose first delivery bounces twice about two foot down leg side on its way to Boucher. Still not nearly on a par with Brisbane 2006 though. The remaining over is on the money like Mervyn King, Although De Wet's follow-through finishes about two inches from Strauss' front foot he likes a glare too. 1416 Eng 3 0 Palpable disappointment around the park as Ntini's first delivery is met with shouldered arms by Strauss, the actual ball nips back off the track at a lively pace to brush his waist on the way through to Boucher. If you've opened your CD tray hoping to locate a glass of golden liquid, hi, It ain't gonna receive. however,within the other hand, Ntini will need to have had Cook back in the pavilion, But inexplicably AB de Villiers shells a management catch at third slip off a thick outside edge. The ball experiences his hands before he has a chance to cup the new cherry. larger let off for Cook, But a very lively entrance from Ntini. 1410 I've just been told that if Makhaya Ntini takes a wicket with his very first ball on his 100th Test, Every single in spanish single spectator older than 18 at SuperSport Park will receive a free refreshing hops based beverage courtesy of a very generous sponsor. No affirmation if that invitation extends to those sat in front of computers waiting for their screens to update though. 1404 SA 418 all out Swann collects his fifth wicket albeit with another referral to the upset Amiesh Saheba sat in the third umpire's room as De Wet is trapped in front by a quicker ball. There's an air of despondency in Swann's eyes as De Wet puts in the dreaded "testosterone" indicator, But replays uphold Aleem Dar's on field assessment, Much inside the relief of Swanny, Who gathers his third five for in 13 Tests. quite, Excellent total for the hosts and a likely very tricky final 90 minutes for Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss. 1400 Wicket De Wet lbw Swann 20 SA 418 all out 1357 SA 418 9 Ntini is greeted as if Don Bradman has just wandered to the creased dressed as a monk. The decibels are cranked up a further notch as he nurdles a boundary through third man for four off a dissatisfied Onions. 1354 SA 414 9 Probably a first for De Wet in his nascent cricketing career England's fielders have camped in the deep to encourage him to take a single to reveal Ntini and his sack of batting frolics to Swann. on the paceman isn't having any of it and fends with doughty stoicism. maiden over. 1350 Wicket Harris bowled Onions 38 SA 414 9 Our Friedel is no rabbit with the bat more a canny stoat with a penchant for extravagant drives over the cover region, As demonstrated by his last effort off Onions to move to 20, Extending this ninth wicket marriage to 37 tres useful runs. boyfriend or girlfriend Paul Harris is in a spot of bother, whereas, As Jimmy Anderson gets to grip with his thumb and gives it a good pull (steady). Cramp? hopefully. The minor delay holds up play for a few momemts as Didier Deschamps like water carriers flood the field to quench the thirst of England's bowlers. but unfortunately, Two balls later and Harris is back in the hutch as he lays a thick inside edge on to his off stump, A dismissal barely met with a murmur all over the park. But the silence is then pierced by a huge round of applause as Makhaya Ntini, Making his 100th Test visual appearance for the Proteas, Dances inside the crease. good, more a shuffle. 1342 SA 409 8 Paul Harris inches ever closer to quite possibly some of the most unaesthetically pleasing half centuries in the history of Test cricket with an ugly edge through second slip for two off Swann. irritation in all quarters from England's forlorn fielders. shiny, Southend on ocean, TMS inbox: "My girlfriend asked me individual what I wanted for Christmas I replied "don't get me Duminy presents, just get me a gift Boucher from Smith's,1338 SA 406 8The Onionster, He of Iranian presidential lookalike fame, Beats Friedel de Wet with a presentation which squirts under his bat outside off stump. The next delivery does something similar, But the man from Durban manages to sneak a single to third man. 1334 SA 405 8The ball finds its way into Swann's hands and the off spinner has first dibs at Paul Harris, For whom the saying soporific was invented. He's just said he can't transfer.

1321:While Tom attempts to get a handle on a cafetiere plunger, The bridesmaids has stepped in for her 60 minutes or so of limelight hogging, a trifle like Mike Joyce and Andy Rourke at a Smiths reunion. Or the drummer and the other one as they are known to all the others. Press the refresh button on your browser or F5 to make the magic happen.

By mary Fordyce

1310: TEA SA 401 8Maiden off Jimmy, with no action, unique or fury, And benefit,this is actually the interval. I'm off for an java enema.

1305: SA 401 871 runs in the training session, And tea will be greeted like a most loved lover by the England players.

away from TC, TMS email: "forget the cricket, How did Dave from Brizzle's middle management occupation interview go? i am also on tenterhooks,

1300: SA 400 8Bit of beef here between your returning Onions and De Wet the batsman steps away late on two successive balls, And the Durham man isn't happy that. Full pitch down leg, beautiful woman in spanish Half saved by the disaparate Prior, And that's the 400 up. mind-numbing last half hour, I'll be honest just 15 runs and no wickets within the last few 10 overs.

faraway from Jez, Kennington, TMS email: "definitely Mary Poppins wins? she's SuperKallisCookdeVilliersOnionsAlmaBoucher. I cheers,

1255: SA 399 8Fierce sun cost to do business, The outfield baking as well as. Anderson must feel like a man on attaining some sort of turf treadmill 216 deliveries now, Most of possess either been left or dead batted back. 15 time to tea, And England are toothless like a jellyfish at this time.

through Graham, TMS inbox: "do you think Eric Wandner from significant fame yesterday has gone in to hiding? Let's hear from you sir, Surely it's time to come back,

1250: SA 398 8Tickling sweep round the corner by Harris for one, And the partnership is up to 21. Slow death here for England, Milked mercilessly as being dozy Friesian.

because of Stu, Derby, TMS email: "Best quote from your favorite shows is from Dirty Harry 'Go on Punk, Makhaya my husband and my day',

1245: SA 395 8Weather bring up to date: Saturday and Sunday want thunderstormy. maiden from Swann, Over in the time it takes you to read this sentence, along with Jimmy again, Looking like he might burst into tears ever before. 35 overs in the innings might teach you it. Swanny's got in 42. that hurts.

taken from Seb, Northampton, TMS inbox: "Does is everyone think Kallis' milkshakes might bring all the boys to the yard,

1237: SA 395 8Change of bowling from the perspiring Strauss Anderson, in Hennops River End. Bemused, Hurt look with regards to the bowler's face, And Broad puts some succour as part of his ears from mid off. That won't help short spitter, heli-copter flight splice, Bisecting second slip and gully for a well-being mashing four.

From paul, street Ausaintell, phrases 81111: "All these jokes using players names are keeping me entertained whilst I practice my Sean Connery opinions. the way we wish am having Ashwell time. "

1229: SA 386 8Swann, De wet, carve, Colly. misplaced! Only a charlatan or varmit would berate Colly after his four snags happen to be, But by his hopes that was catchable fastish, Face locked, But he got hands and wrists to it. Swann handbags his head like Munch's Scream.

for Roger, the city, TMS email: "Of course the most famous cricket line in cinema history is from Casablanca: "We'll usually have P Harris,

1226: SA 386 8Dab, Tickle, Nudge Harris nurdles away gladly, And Broad is flushed of face and bemused of gestures.

off Dave, Gibraltar, TMS mail: "Best movie quote ever need to be Leo di Caprio's immortal "Amla king of the universe! Woooooooo,

1222: SA 385 8Now then first Test innings for De Wet will he compete with Friedel, Or is he too Wet in the carpet the ears? There's the answer two flashing drives off Swann, Both for many four. Not a bad way to moment bow. Although Swanny doesn't are similar to he agrees.

1218: WICKET Boucher c grill b Swann 49, SA 377 8Tweak, steady thrusts of the pad, Bat goes too far face to face with it edged, affordable forward short leg's throat. eventually.

1215: SA 377 7A break for cocktails. Broad wipes the fizzy stuff from his lips and usually requires a silly mid off to go in against Harris. Slider past the outer edge; Harris berates him or her self like a man on 99.

ranging from Ian in Bathgate, TMS email address: "re: Sam from Brixton a suitable quote was 'Show me the money'. of low quality for a BBC supported site,1207: SA 376 7Broad has thunder all over his blond brows three lifters from across the wicket into Harris's hopping ribs, Then one angled across hunting the edge which gets toe ended past the sprawling gully for a fluky four. On the South African veranda, Jacques Kallis tries on a new set of two shades and asks Hashim Amla if they suit him. aggravation writ clear on fielders' faces.1200: SA 363 7Kaboom Harris swats away an annoying fly or 'flaa', As Shaun Pollock has just noticable it and then unfurls a dreamy back foot cover drive off the stormy faced Broad for four more. Here he is available, His in length arms whirling, blond hair bobbing, Sun creamed face snarling dinked away by employing midwicket for two by Boucher. Single, Then a pusher down the bottom by Harris for two more. trouble-free. the actual market third man fence, KP is signing signed items for some young fans. One waves a small bat in his focus, can be rebuffed, And takes action by lobbing the bat dismissively at KP's feet. My 'witticisms' have been ignored on countless chances. when this one doesn't appear as well, you will never know I sent it, and you will be none the wiser. about the other hand, It's not all glamour you know I have accused historically of being Ben Dirs's mum, After he printed a small amount of my comments,1146: SA 349 7Harris enjoying himself on the internet. could possibly dab here, a fisher away there, And he's crept to around. six. wow. He's reined back the adventure like a man gripped by the ghost of C Tavare or Kepler W. Ooof little one, Worn on the shoulder joint with a wince by the spinner. He gets behind the next and dabs into the off side for a sprinted single, And Boucher leaves the remainder alone. First inebriated chants echo round the half empty stands could that be the watermelon men of earlier?From nicole, TMS inbox: "i'm not against the feel poorly today, nevertheless,having said that I Amla thargic,1132: SA 341 7Paul Harris with fray, A pink deal on his Gray Nicholls. Man in close on both sides of the wicket, And Harris dabs one behind square to get away from the quacker. there may be a pleading appeal for lbw as Boucher sweeps, But his front peg was just outside off there.1128: WICKET Morkel c Prior b red onion 13, SA 341 7Full from vegetables, Clattered back down the floor by Morkel for four. He's gone that time period, Though wafting feebly at a tempting angler across the bows and thinning through which Prior behind the timbers. Is he a special friend of yours or have so few correspondents that his poor witticisms are needed to fill the space,1124: SA 335 6Yup MM's spine on his feet, Rolling his head from side to side like a boxer on the stool between rounds. Swann ever again now, doing tempt Boucher into a reaching drive nope, That's too much down leg, And the wide eyed Poucher will whip that away by midwicket. I can only apologise again if I find the clown alert, I'll put his baubles on top of the BBC Christmas tree. don't forget the onions tears in ooof, small lifter, direct onto Morkel's jaw. cruel, unsightly blow. he's on his back, Lid along, your physio dashes on. Let's you will discover some he'll be okay, i do believe. Graeme Swann bowled amazingly, The slight concern for England is the turn he's already getting, But he's been the pick of the bowlers and has been genuine strike bowler, LUNCHFrom Linda, Newbury, TMS email address: "When I was pregnant I used to get some Morne Morkel sickness,1037: Honours despite if that session, believe say. Right old hubbub this Morkel out/in referral. great deal more in 25?due to Dan, Bristol, TMS inbox: "re: Carole from Maidenhead (10:11) Colly has drawn your son? Does he know anything regarding this,1031: SA 330 6Yup Swann will squeeze in an extra. Morkel is trapped on a corner peg, Big be appealing given! England congratulate you on, But South Africa should ask this to be referred. Umpire Davis has given it, It looks out by Hawk Eye reckons it was just going on top. Hmm dubious at best Trigger Finger Fordyce might have sent Morkel on his way there. Swann stares noiselessly at the heavens, And if Strauss we had not put an arm around him, He'd always be there now, Even with all of those other players trotting off to the pavilion. Time for one other before lunch?parka, textbook 81111: Not poorly but after too much beer yesterday I De Wet the bed, 1025: SA 327 6Turn and spit which windmilling Swann, And Boucher uses pad and dead bat to remain seated alive. Good leave just extraordinary of off and a stern defensive push to cover. Mmmm, Fine shot big stride up, High front knee, Drive back down the floor in the style of his skipper Smith. i'm not sure but I may have Prior disease. I always forget to go to the toilet Prior to a long journey,1014: SA 323 6Swann, Twirling intensely big slogger sweep from Boucher, Edge and boot will be the fact another for Colly at slip? The close fielders necessary gone up, But Boucher's saying the ball struck turf before foot we'll have a reference. Let's visit the replays nope, No way you can give that one. or even you've pulled my son,1011: SA 323 6Jimmy next, Luncheon 19 minutes away Morkel leaves with over the top wafts and then blocks the last two back to mid off. Time think about wicket before the interval?From paul in Lancs, TMS mail: "my dear word. I've just checked out Wisden. That's a world record for the number of quite low do.

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