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I am very new to forum and I want to know how to manage all the debts. If I am in a debt situation, is it possible for me to handle by myself? Someone suggest me........

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Yes, it is possible to handle, and manage your own debts. However, more information on your debt is needed to help you in managing your debts. Please provide information on how much debt you have, and what kinds of debts you have. However, for more details on debt management, you can refer .



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I would try to handle it yourself first. If you find it impossible then reach out for help.

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Yes, I completely agree with you on this. A person should first try to manage his debts on his own. Only if he fails to do that, he can go for debt management program.


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Anonymous (not verified)

I am in agreement with prior comments. One thing you can do is to research some articles on the internet about creating a budget/managing your debt. You will find many people suggest similar methods while working towards the same goal.

You can also call a non-profit organization for some ideas as they speak with many people about the very same issue on a daily basis and can provide some suggestions for you learn how to manage your debt on your own.

You have already taken the first step by identifying the need for taking action. CONGRATS!!

The rest is a matter of research and knowing what works for you as a means organization and record keeping. I hope this suggestion is helpful.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance

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I echo the sentiments of prior comments made by others. Managing the debt yourself is important and it is most definitely something you can do on your own. If you are able to do it by yourself, maintain good records, and put away money; that is a huge victory.

However; there is no harm in seeking advice from others, either by searching methods on the internet or by calling a non profit organization who receive many calls from people with the same dilemma. The benefit by talking with someone in addition to researching is the feedback you can receive on what you have read as well as other suggestions they have heard from other people in similar situations.

If you find yourself in a struggle, there is nothing wrong in asking for help either. After all, isn't that the point of these forums?

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The Debt Counslers, I've come across, in the past, never REALLY could give me a clear answer on the many questions I had. Some of the "fees" were more than what I expected. Some of them would charge a "fee" per item/debt that I wanted to try and 'fix'. (Thinking outloud here..) If I couldn't afford my debt (and I had told them this) then how was I suppose to afford to pay their 'fees' ALONG with my debt? OR....a few of these places would ask for bank account info, etc. NO WAY will I do that!! I did this one time and a WHOLE lot of money was taken from my account. Some companies work for some, but, not for others.

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Anonymous (not verified)

You make a very valid point about debt counselors. Its another reason for someone to do their research on non-profit organizations. The true counselor will concentrate first on their clients dilemma and then determine whether or not they can help them. If they are unable to help, then the counselor should at least provide someone with other solutions or another direction to take to help themselves.

The question of fees should come secondly if the person is interested in having the organization help them with reducing their debt and have a debt management plan. Organizations may differ in a fee structure, but again this is where the consumer has to do their research.

If the organization is asking for bank account information right away, then that should be the "red light" going off about who they are and if they are a "for profit" or "non profit" type organization.

All the more reason for consumers these days to check out the Better Business Bureau website before calling around to the various organizations to help them with with their financial dilemmas.

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My apologies. I was not logged in as myself for the response I typed in to sd chargers response.

Hope the information above was helpful.

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teal (not verified)

there is no such technique to manage debt.You have to manage it yourself.Best way is to solve the debt.

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There may not be one specific technique to managing debt; but there are several articles out there which provide helpful suggestions for helping to manage debt. It all depends on what method works for you and how you organize yourself and monitor your bills and how money is spent in your household.

Feel free to ask for help or bounce ideas off people who either have the same dilemma or those who have overcome the obstacle of budgeting and managing their debt.

I hope this is of some help.

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tracy (not verified)

A debt management policy sets forth the parameters for issuing debt and managing the outstanding debt portfolio and provides guidance to decision makers regarding the purposes for which debt may be issued, types and amounts of permissible debt, timing and method of sale that may be used, and structural features that may be incorporated.

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I am new to this forum as well what I would like to recommend and would like to suggest is never try to go for a plan which can lead you to debt.
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Hi Henry,

Can I know what kind of plan you are talking about? If you give more specific information on this, it may help others in the community.



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Hi guys................this is ana,i am a new member of this forum,i read it thoroughly but still i am quite confuse regarding this topic.please explain me more about this forum.
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Hi anab,

Welcome to this community :)

What is it that you want to know about this forum? Actually, this is a community where people discuss their credit and debt problems.



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