can i sue a law firm for garnishing my wages twice when the

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I had a default judgment against me vacated for several reasons including non service. A month after I had it vacated they tried to garnish my wages and I stopped it by providing a copy of the Vacated order to payroll. then 2 months later they change attorneys but it is the same law firm and they garnish my wages again with another writ. I will have it stopped again. can i sue for perjury for lying (2 times) that they have a judgment, to get a writ?

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Yes, definitely you can, and you should. Just keep ready the copies of the vacated order, and the papers of the unauthorized withdrawals from your bank account. You can request your bank to provide you with these copies.



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I do not believe this is even legal. I would definatley sue. If you need an atty and have to pay then hopefully you can sue for those fees as well.

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