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Do any of you read any of their books?

I like to keep things simple.... I have read Dave Ramseys material... I see nothing wrong with his approach for the most part. Some of his ideas are great but some of them are not realistic... Or, should I say hard to reach..

So, what are you reading??

I agree Laura, I never really heard of him until recently and just on face, he seems like he's in reality. still reading info on him. would be interested to hear a snippet from his station. I don't think I get that here

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hey debtstinker.... you can listen to him on the net... at least in the past... he originates from Nashville, TN... on one of their stations....

I like him... To me if only 10% more of the Americans lived debt free, we wouldnt be seeing much of the stuff that is going on today... Like foreclosures.. etc...

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Oh yes, thank you for the info! I'll have to wait til baby boo goes to bed to listen, but i've been fascinated about all that's happening to people (not necessarily a happy fascination either). I feel horrible for people who work so hard, have 2 incomes some people work 2-3 jobs just to get by and find themselves in the hole. it's hard in today's society to live debt free. I thought i was debt free when i paid all my credit cards off that were incorporated into my consolidation but big NO on that one. still have student loans, car loans, etc.

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What does he do? Is he going by his own experience? I have never heard of him before?

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He promotes the idea of people living within their own means.. Don't spend more than you make. He is a very nuts and bolts type of person. Right down to the gritty. He teaches people how to budget, create emergency funds, pay for things in cash (including cars and major ticket items). What he teaches is not rocket science. It maybe earth shattering to some folks, however. And, the reason for that is many people don't know how to live within their means. Or care to... Until its too late when they losing everything.

His past is amazing. He was big in the Nashville real estate back in his 20's and 30's (he is close to 50 now I think). He had SEVERAL million in real estate in fact.. He went way over his head and lost it all.. Had to file BK.

Now, he shares his experiences and teaches others how to avoid such fall outs...

He is well known. Some people despise him, or think he his crazy with all these ideas. Some, including me, think he is wonderful. What he teaches and promotes is not some accient snake oil that will cure all ailments of the world. What he does promote, however, is something that all the parents out there should be teaching their kids in the first place. Like how to budget, how to save (and how much and where to put it) how to live within your own means basically.

There are others out there that do similiar things. But, I like Dave!!

Right now, I am planning to go out and obtain material written by Givens, as well as some others, that focus on investments and good methods to pay off the house early. I already have my investments going. I would like to fine tune them of course. However, I would like to research what I can do to reach my goal of being mortgage free at the earliest possible time.

My goal is to have our house paid off in 8 years. I will be 40 next year and don't want a house payment well into my 50 or 60's. But that's another subject for another thread!!! LOL...

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Hey Sun, Ramsey is pretty controversial. I cannot say whether I like him or not but what he preaches is worth it. It is not fairy tale but words of experience.

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He has his own way of putting things, some people like him and there are others that he rubs the wrong way. I have no oppinion either way. I would say if you get something positive from him listen, if you don't, turn the channel.

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I am of the same thought dadummy. I do not go for the hullabaloo but stick to what I need and to what extent :)

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Sometimes motivational speakers have their own agenda. We have to go listen to them sometimes at work and I swear they could apply their tactics to sheep herding if they had too. I think they sell the same material over and over and don't take the time to know the industry they are speaking to. If I don't see that they have worked the industry or have some type of intrest besides monetary gain, I will usually not listen to them. Hell, I could motivate sheep herders if the price is right, these types of people drive me insane when we have to listen to them and I think to myself, couldn't our training funds be spent on something more valuable.

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Dave Ramsey is okay. I like what he says. But I dont get inspired by anyone. Its just that if someone is talking sense I like to take it and understand it. His advice does good to people. I understand that people are wasting money behind all this stuff but thats their job. thats how they earn money. So let them be. You decide for yourself what you want to do and no body else does.

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