Opening new account hurt score

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I am in need of a checking account. Now, currently my scores have crossed the 700 mark and I have 0 credit inquiries on my credit report. If I apply for a new checking account will it create a hard inquiry on my credit reports?? I am sure it will and am wondering if a bank will bypass a hard pull if they are asked?

I want to apply for a new credit card too and was hoping to have no inquiries when I did. What can I do?

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Hi Mora,

Yes, most of the banks will conduct a hard pull if you apply for a checking or savings account. As for the credit card, there will surely be a hard pull when you apply for one. There is no way in which you can avoid this.



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Mora, Thats not a bad score at all. I would still open the checking account, even if it drops your score a little. There are a lot of benefits to a checking account. Some places give you a discount (like auto) if you have your payment automatically deducted from your account. Also building a good long term relationship with a bank is a big positive.

We started at our bank when our credit was not the best. They even gave us a loan during this time. It helped build our credit and now when we need anything we automatically call them first and believe me the length of time you have been there really does matter.

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In addition to the checking account I think the OP can try to get hold of a new credit card if she wants to increase her credit score. Getting another card will help her cross the 730 mark once she starts making on-time payments on it.


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