Collection accounts back on my report

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I am having problem with collections. Last year I worked hard to clean up all of my collection accounts and had them all removed. Now, another account has appeared again. Last year I had this account removed by another collector who could not fulfill my request for DV.

I got a dunning notice last week from a new CA and I immediately sent my DV request to them CMRRR. However, through scorewatch alert I found out that my score dropped by almost 40 pts!!!!!

Hi Roberta,

If your points dropped before the collection agency received the validation letter, then it is legal. However, if it's not so, you can file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission, and the State's Attorney General.

You can also directly request the collection agency to remove the item from your credit report as you have already disputed this before. Send proof of your dispute.



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Rio D (not verified)

Hi Roberta,

I think you should wait for some days. See if the collection agency validates the debt.

Thanks Aaron for such a good advise,


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Federal Law does not regulate your credit score, only your credit report.

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How do you stop new collection agencies from making your score drop. We all know what a vicious cycle the collection agencies are. Usually once you dispute it they turn around and sell it again letting the door open for the next collection agency to report. Guess this is a good reason to keep your credit clean.

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